Florian Republic general election, January 2019

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Florian Republic general election, January 2019
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All 120 seats in the Florian Senate
61 seats needed for a majority
Turnout TBC

  Morgan Sharp.png 120px 120px
Leader Morgan Sharp Gunspaz Yéaznal Hai Yong
Party United National Party of the Republic Florian Prosperity Party National Spiritual Mobilization Movement
Leader since November 2018 January 2018 January 2018
  120px 120px 120px
Leader Owen Hamilton Charlie May Arthur Dean
Party Communist Party of the Florian Republic Florian Civilian Party Florian Environmental Party
Leader since December 2018 December 2018 December 2018
Leader Zane Kidd Steve Levy
Party Florian Pirate Party Florian Freedom Party
Leader since January 2018 January 2018

Incumbent President

Adam Cooke
United National Party of the Republic

The Florian Republic general election, January 2019 was be the fourth general election to be held in The Florian Republic, and was held in January in that year. For the first time, Etourney and Florian Eura had different elections at different times.

Contesting political parties and candidates

Party Party Leaders Leader since % of votes in last election Seats in last election


Political party Leader Elected total % of seats
UNPR Morgan Sharp 38 seats 31%
Communists Owen Hamilton 37 seats 30%
FPP Gunspaz Yéaznal 17 seats 14%
NSMM Hai Yong 13 seats 11%
Civilian Party Charlie May 6 seats 5%
Enviromental Party Arthur Dean 4 seats 4%
Freedom Party Steve Levy 3 seats 3%
Pirate Party Zane Kidd 2 seats 2%


Domestic reaction

International reaction

Shireroth Shireroth

Imperial Minister of the Exterior, Lady Li Naomiai of Sentratera, took the unprecedented step in a lengthy statement of congratulating the Florian people on their elections:

I am very pleased to see the conclusion of the peaceful general elections in the Florian Republic. Their conduct is a testament to the Florian Republic's transition from a warmongering one-party state to a multiparty democracy devoted to peace, friendship and good-neighbourliness. President Adam Cooke took a brave step in bringing about the democratic reforms, and while his party suffered greatly in so doing, his and his party's sacrifice for the democratic evolution of the Florian nation will fondly be remembered by the historians of the future.

I look forward to working with my new Florian counterpart in continuing our fruitful exchanges in sport and culture. Under the International High Commission supervision, I am confident that the full rehabilitation of the Florian Republic will one day be imminent. Rest assured, Florians, the Imperial Government will do its part in securing that day of rehabilitation. We are, as we always have been, your truest friends.

Krasnocoria Krasnocoria

On the weekly press conference Prime Minister of Krasnocoria, Obrad Bošković, asked by a journalist to comment on the outcome of Florian general elections he said the following:

I have carefully followed the elections in the Florian Republic with sincere hope that parties who are fighting for better Floria would surprise me and my government. That didn't happen. I honestly don't see what good have UNPR bring to the Florians and why have the people voted for them again, if elections were even free. That's some unexplainable mess.

Palesmenia Palesmenia

In a weekly address to the Nadcraši, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kir Mahn Dasné, was asked by the Amurian House Representative to give a comment on the Florian Election. He said the following:

I wish to state that I am glad for a stable Florian election. Although, I do wish to state the Florians may do something about their policies of domestic concerns, as building football stadiums will not fix this nation's economy on its own. Despite this, I wish the Florian Republic great fortune for the years to come.