Florian Republic Port of Vines membership referendum, 2019

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Florian Republic Port of Vines membership referendum, 2019
23rd March 2019
Should the Florian Republic remain a member of the Port of Vines?
Votes %
Yes 14,700,000 42%
No 20,300,000 58%
Valid votes 35,000,000 100%
Invalid votes 0 0%%
Total votes 35,000,000 100%




Party affiliations

Position Political parties
Florian Pirate Party
Enivromental Party


Aftermath & reactions

  • Constancia Constancia: The ruling Permanent Standing Committee welcomed the outcome of the referendum as a demonstration of the legitimacy of the "national democratic will" over the "hubristic and totalising tendencies of those global market forces which have grown entirely indifferent to the realities and complexities of individual human lives". With the removal of the Port of Vines, Constancia is likely to follow the example set by the Iron Company and seek to develop trade and diplomatic relations with the Florian Republic.
    • The ESB Group estimated that the extrication of the Florian Economic and International Trade Federation from the Port of Vines would represent a one-off payment of 2,957,500 florian dollars, based on the notional dollar to credit exchange rate, for the Florian Republic if the government secured and liquidated all stock issuances made by the FEITF. The potential for reinvesting in the Port Farrar development project, opening Floria up to global trade with the wider international community, would represent the best long-term use for the funds.

  • Krasnocoria Krasnocoria: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Office for USSO have issued a statement saying the Krasnocorian government and public are disappointed with the decision of the Florians and will think twice if any further invests are requested by the Florian Republic in Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies. The statement also commented the Florian government "have done nothing good so far" and that Krasnocoria "calls Florian people to reconsider voting for UNPR next time".

  • Los Liberados Los Liberados: President of the National Liberation Council, Jacobo Castrigo, praised the decision of the Florian people saying that "The yoke of serfdom to the USSO oppressors has finally been cast aside by a brave people today". Meanwhile, the Iron Company upped its investment in the Florian market with 65%. The Iron Militia and Fleet have been on full alert in the North Raynor Sea following the vote, to protect the Florian Republic from any Bassarid retalliations.

  • Jingdao Jingdao: The Secretariat of Talking issued a statement concerning the matter: the janitor first rolled his eyes and commented that "History repeats itself. The Florian people have once more been deceived. We hope that sanity will return. And please... let me do my job, I need to clean this office."