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The Florian Republic
Flag of Floria
Coat of Arms of Floria
Coat of Arms
Motto: For the People!
Anthem: File:National Anthem of Floria 2018.mp3
Location of Floria
Map versions Series 16.1
Capital Northcliff
Largest city Northcliff
Official language(s) English Florian
Official religion(s) Stripping Path
Faith of the True King
Church of the Holy Lance
Demonym Florian
 - Adjective Florian
Government Parliamentry Republic
 - President Adam Cooke
 - {{{headofgovernmenttitle}}} {{{headofgovernment}}}
 - Legislature The Parliament of the Florian Republic.
Establishment 17th April 2017
 - Ranked
 - Ranked
Population 52,500,000
 - Active 1
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Florian Dollar
Abbreviation FLO
National website
National forum
National animal Bear
National food Fried chicken and chips
National drink Cider
National tree Oak

The Florian Republic is a micronation located in Southern Apollonia. The official name of the micronation is the Republic of Floria but the name the Florian Republic is used for simplicity. Other names used are Floria and its initials, the FR. The nation has existed since the 17th June 2017 and has seen many government changes in its short history. The country saw much warfare in the during its establishment and only a few weeks after declaring independence, the region of Xhusovo (now Jingdao) broke away from the country after a disastrous civil war. The country is infamous for starting the War of Lost Brothers, which involved the countries of Jingdao and Shireroth and the war lasted until January 2018, leaving the country largely destroyed. During the war, the country saw many government changes as the country started to collapse. the government in the north was taken over by the General Government of Floria, A Jingdaoese military movement, on the 26th December 2017 which was attempted to be overthrown a month later by the terrorist group,First Order of the Florian Republic, whilst the original south of the country formally became part of Natopia. The First Order of the Florian Republic's attempts to reestablish order in the country failed which then led to talks between SANE and the USSO to turn it into a neutral zone.

The Florian Republic is under the supervision of the International High Commission in the Florian Republic (IHA) until January 2020. The IHA was established after the War of Lost Brothers, and exists to ensure the full decommissioning of all its military hardware, software, infrastructure, and weaponry, as well as to ensure that there is no heavy industrialization undergoing in the Republic. Furthermore, the Florian Republic requires the consent of the IHA for constitutional changes, making treaties, and other matters.


Jingdaoese Period

Before the Florian Republic was founded. The people of Jingdao inhabited the area and much violence and natural disasters occurred in the area and the Jingdaoese suddenly fled of what is now the modern Florian Republic. The land of the now Florian Republic became barren and people left in the area were stranded from outside world for many years. A short war occurred soon afterwards as order between the factions in the land was disrupted. Many people fled and immigrated to neighbouring Jingdao. Violence was reduced but tensions were still hostile between each faction. The area had no sign of hope.

Creation of the Florian Republic

On the 16th July 2017, A leader of the Labour Faction, Edwin Farrar proposed a plan to create a new state called the Florian Republic. The name originating from the vast rare range of flora in the area. All factions attended the meeting to establish the nation and all factions agreed for the new nation to be created as long as each faction had a fair representation in Parliament. The nation then submitted a bid for international recognition and it was accepted.

Xhusor War

Main article: Xhusor War

The country fell into unrest after a war was declared on the Xhusor Liberation Army and the war officially finished on the 2nd August 2017. For more details please read the main article. After the war, the government started negotiations with Xhusor, however, unrest continued after serious riots occurred frequently. Xhusor was eventually given full autonomy and it was also announced that the region would have an independence referendum in the future. Later, the new state would be annexed by Jingdao in the summer of 2018.


Main article: Etourney

During the Xhusor War. 150,000 set sail to find a colony abroad to live and claim for the Florian Republic. On the 18th June 2017, a colony was founded near Vyktory and was named Etourney. A flag was created and the capital St. Edwin's started construction.

The Farrar Islands

A few days later another colony was founded called the Farrar Islands. But later this was abandoned as a majority of the islands was uninhabitable.

Uncertainty after the Xhusor War

After the Xhusor War, mass protests occurred and a Snap General Election was called after a vote of no confidence. In the election, the Labour Party was still able to form a government despite the Independence Party and Conservative Party gaining record amount of seats. In Early September an Independence referendum was called in Xhusor and will take place on 30 September 2017.

Civil War

Occupied areas by Shireroth.

In the War of Lost Brothers, the Florian Republic government entered a civil war with Pro-treaty forces backed by Shireroth. The Florian government previously fought Jingdao and Coria before peace negotiations with both parties before turning its back on Shireroth. The Civil War has led to land occupied by Shireroth and Jingdao.

Reconstruction of the country after the war

State Reforms

After the formation of the Community of Sxiro Municipalities‎‎. The Florian government merged the states in the north to create a larger state called Kingsland. In the south, The states in the south not part of the Community of Sxiro Municipalities‎‎ plus Community of Sxiro Municipalities‎‎ became the Southlands.

War of Lost Brothers

Increasing tensions

A Country torn apart


Map of the Florian Republic (source: USSO Cartographic Centre)


Northern Floria Climate.png
Southern Floria Climate.png

Average temperature in the Winter (North):26°C
Average temperature in the Summer (North):27°C
Average temperature in the Winter (South):23°C
Average temperature in the Summer (South):42°C


The Florian Republic currently holds sovereignty over one autonomous territory on micras.

Flag Territory Capital Location
Flag of Etourney.png Etourney St Edwin's

Government and politics

After the establishment of the nation, each faction before the establishment became a political party. The two largest being the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Members of each party are elected into Parliament, which currently has only one house. There is a total of 500 MP's which are split into 125 for each region. After the First Order of the Florian Republic took control of the country, the political parties were forced to disband and the Florian parliament was shrunk from 500 MP's to just 10. However, when the First Order of the Florian Republic was overthrown, the number of seats was increased to 120. The United National Party of the Republic is the most popular political party in the country and has a very nationalist ideology which has lead to much controversy. The party has many allegations of crime and corruption most notably during election time where results seem to look rigged and the party unexpectedly claiming a supermajority of seats. Other parties in the Florian Republic are the National Spiritual Mobilization Movement and Florian Prosperity Party.


After the civil war, the population of the Florian Republic declined to 25 million and there was an exodus of its serving officers and enlisted personnel. As a consequence, the Florian Armed Forces was left with a cadre of trained soldiers only 10,000 strong. Around this, with Shirerithian assistance, was built a larger Florian Security Force of approximately 58,000 volunteer personnel.

Part of the ongoing buildup of Florian forces was achieved under the cover of Operation Dynamo a Shirerithian advisory mission that was ostensibly intended to assist with the suppression of minor disorder during the abortive Flexit referendum campaign (on the subject of leaving the USSO).

Additional force generation had occurred via a route that, in hindsight, might seem surprising. Prior to the shift of alignment of the Florian Republic away from the USSO, its investments in the Pallisican Standard International had built up a cadre of an additional 203,697 USSO trained personnel and 206,783 small arms.

Contrary to expectations, the Florian Republic had amassed a potent military force. Following the deepening of the Florian Republic's alliance with Shireroth the Florian Armed Forces, including the security forces, were organised into three armies, the 5th, the 6th and the 7th, which were together integrated into the 1st Army Group of Apollonia Command.

The armed forces also maintained a potent coastal defence force known as the Florian Navy, primarily intended to deter piracy and seaborne invasions of its coastline whilst at the same time allowing lines of communications to be maintained with its overseas territories. Again, the overwhelming majority of naval assets had been acquired through trade with the Realm of Passio-Corum.

Strategic deterrent

The country declared a surprisingly large stockpile of atomic weaponry, totalling a number of 5,000 nuclear warheads. This has been reckoned for some to be larger than the combined warhead totals of the rest of the USSO and Shireroth combined. It has been suggested that, for a mid-ranked developing nation, such an arsenal might have represented something of an overkill. Certainly, there has been in the past suggestions that the focus on weapons of mass destruction had endangered the Florian Armed Forces' ability to maintain a balanced defence and furthermore distorted the overall economy.

Pallisican military hardware

Via shrewd investments in the Shirley Stock Fund on the Pallisican Standard International, the Florian Armed Forces had amassed a significant reserve of armoured vehicles, potent naval warships and submarines, as well as the beginnings of a nascent air force.

  • 80 Simia battle tanks,
  • 160 Nuncrest armoured infantry fighting vehicles
  • 200 Ossyo armoured anti-aircraft guns
  • 80 Lucinspire heavy tanks,
  • 114 Empire light tanks
  • 3 Alpha ground attack aircraft
  • 5 Aead attack helicopters
  • 20 Petal UACVs
  • 2,188 80mm field guns
  • 10 Dolstier I main battle tanks
  • 1 Esper class aircraft carrier
  • 3 Kesh class attack submarines
  • 13 Indigo class gunboats
  • 4 Bijeko class missile cruisers
  • 1 Zibertian class cruiser
  • 5 Northman class corvettes
  • 3 Rey class submersible destroyers

Foreign Relations

The nation was an observer member of the USSO.It applied for full membership and it was granted in the 15th month of the year 1649, but in early 1653 the Florian Republic downgraded its membership to associate membership, reflecting the desire for economic cooperation rather than military and political coordination. The country has informal relations with Craitland and Mercury.

Following the signing of treaties of friendship and cooperation in the 12 months of 1653, the Imperial Republic of Shireroth took responsibility for the defence and security of the Florian Republic. In January 2018, the treaty was revoked. Therefore the responsibility of defence and security in the country returned to the Florian Government.


The Florian Republic's culture is mostly western but did have elements of Jingdaoese culture within the nation until the First Order of the Florian Republic took over. Music and sport are extremely popular with many stadiums and concerts being sold out every time the national teams or a famous pop star performs in the country. Rugby league is the most popular sport in the country and its main rivals are teams such as Craitland and Mercury. The Florian Super League is one of the biggest sports leagues in Micras and regularly promotes itself abroad via. the Florian Magic Weekend. Football is another extremely popular sport and there are two competitions, one which is fully professional and one which has a mixture of professional and amateur teams. Ice Hockey and floorball are emerging sports in the country and are played on an amateur basis. The sport of rugby union is also an emerging sport despite serious competition from Rugby League. The rugby union teams in the country play in the Micras Pro 12, a professional rugby union competition which is played worldwide. In 2018, Gridiron football was introduced and the sport has rapidly increased, notably in Universities and the University competition, the National College Football Association is seen as the second most popular Gridiron football league in Apollonia. In April 2018, the FNFL was launched due to the rapid growth of the sport and the league instantly overtook the FHL and FBA in terms of popularity.


The Florian Republic has a strong economy despite recent warfare in the nation. The unemployment rate in the nation is currently at 44%. The country is aiming to create projects which will reduce this large percentage, such as creating a national motorway and the building of facilities such as hospitals. It was to enter the USSO's common market however it was revoked membership, therefore it was admitted to the Port of Storms. The Florian Republic has large reserves of lead, zinc, silver, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and bauxite, but mining these materials did not start until the June 26th when legislation was passed in order to start mining.


The country has a national highway connecting Northcliff to the rest of the country. It cost the government a total cost of $2 billion. 250,000 people were employed to build the highway and was an extremely dangerous project due to the War of Lost Brothers, it was finally completed in February 2018. The country currently has three airports which are located in the Capital city, Northcliff, Dragonmoor, and Oldhaven. The country already has an existing railway but needs a large renovation in order to operate properly. All trains are run by Florian Rail, the national rail company. It is expected that all transport infrastructure will be repaired for at least a year after warfare has finished. After the War of Lost Brothers, the private company, High Speed Floria started the construction of a high-speed rail line.


Tourism is growing but steadily. Most tourists are domestic visiting Northcliff and tourists from Senya and Craitland also visit the country. Tourists can visit the Government building and the vast range of bars and statues. However, due to the War of Lost Brothers, the tourism industry suffered massively as landmarks and hotels were destroyed.



The country has a total population of 38,890,800 citizens. A total of 500 to 3,500 people immigrate to the country each week. However, during the War of Lost Brothers, immigration suffered massively.

The following was the ethnic breakdown of the country, according to the 2018 census:


The national religions of the Florian Republic are Faith of the True King and the Church of the Holy Lance. However, followers were divided after the Florian Civil War after many Stripping Path followers were persecuted by the First Order of the Florian Republic, a pro-Faith of the True King organization. Weeks after the end of the War of Lost Brothers, followers of the Stripping Path were persecuted, however the UNPR has promised for the persecutions to stop. However, this a complete lie as tensions between followers of the two religions led to the February 18th Incident when extremist followers of the Faith of the True King, massacred 250 followers of the Stripping Path. To make matters worse the Stripping Path was completely banned in the country leading to mass immigration. In May 2018 (995AJ) the Church of the Holy Lance made its entry into Floria, quickly garnering support through its message of strength through adversity.


The national language of the country is English and Florian. Other recognised languages are Jingdaoese and Serbian.

Health Care

The Florian Republic has a very high level of healthcare. All citizens health care is paid for by the government. Healthcare in the country is divided into three groups. These are primary, secondary and tertiary health care. The country has a high number of doctors employed. However, due to the War of Lost Brothers, the high rate of doctors failed to heal the majority of victims in the war. Each major city in the Florian Republic at least has two hospitals, these hospitals being funded by foreign investment after the War of Lost Brothers.


All education is paid for in the country and all school meals are free. They are three levels of education. Primary education, Secondary education and Higher education. Students throughout Primary level and early secondary level education learn English, Maths and Applied Science. All other subjects are optional.