Florian Republic

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The Florian Republic
Flag of Floria
Coat of Arms of Floria
Coat of Arms
Motto: As long as there is heart, there will be Floria
Anthem: File:National Anthem of Floria.mp3
Location of Floria
Map versions
Capital Northcliff
Largest city Northcliff
Official language(s) English, Florian, Alexandrian
Official religion(s) Faith of the True King
Church of the Holy Lance
Demonym Florian
 - Adjective Florian
Government Parliamentary Republic
 - President TBD
 - Legislature Florian Senate.
Establishment 17th April 2017
Population 73,382,008
Currency Florian Dollar
Abbreviation FLO
Driving side Left
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal Bear
National food Fried chicken
National drink Stout
National tree Oak

The Florian Republic is a country in the southern part of Apollonia. Its four provinces and two territories as well as the protectorate of Los Liberados extend from the Eastern border with neighbouring Jingdao to the border of Northern Alrig. The Florian Republic's Capital is Northcliff, and its three largest metropolitan areas include Oldhaven, Dragonmoor, Newmarsh, Port Farrar and Stonehall.

As a whole, the Florian Republic is sparsely populated, the majority of the land in the Florian Republic is either dominated by tropical rainforest or tundra, particularly in the northern parts of the country. Its population is highly urbanised with 85% of its inhabitants living in large or medium-sized cities. The Florian Republic's climate varies widely across its area such as cold freezing temperatures in the north in winter to very hot summers in the rest of the country. Before the inhabitation of the modern-day Florian, the area of what now is the Florian Republic was inhabited by ethnic Jingdaoese however these Jingdaoese aboriginals were eventually driven out of the area and returned to the mainland.

The Florian Republic is a Unitary semi-presidential republic and citizens of the country elect a President and Prime Minister every one year and six months respectively. The Florian Republic is officially trilingual at the federal level. The Florian Republic ranks highly internationally in civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education despite recent warfare since the establishment of the country. The country is multicultural and ethnically diverse and enjoys a long and complex relationship with neighbours Jingdao and Los Liberados.

A developed country, the Florian Republic has a high GDP per capita and has a large and advanced economy. The Florian Republic was former members of the Apollonian and Euran Economic Union and USSO before withdrawing from both.


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War of Lost Brothers


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Science and technology




The Florian Republic has a very high level of education and a large number of adults taking tertiary education with 41% of adults having attained at least an undergraduate college or university degree. 5.5% of the Florian Republics GDP is spent on education and tertiary education students are heavily funded by the government. In Florian schools depending on which language is spoken in the area, classes are taught either in English, Florian or Alexandrian. Subjects which students perform above the national average are economics, reading, computing and mathematics.




The Florian Republic has three main languages with these being English, Florian and Alexandrian. English is the mother tongue of 56% of the Florian Republic's inhabitants and 21% and 10% for Alexandrian and Florian speakers. Other recognised languages include Serbian and Jingdaoese. Throughout the country, road signs are displayed in all three official languages with the more prominently spoken language in that area displayed first.




The Florian Republic is the hub of Micrasian Electronic Dance music (EDM) with many festivals and concerts being held throughout the country all year round. The most notable festival being The Rising Festival held in Northcliff where ten stages across the city play concerts of different genres from trance to house. The most popular EDM forms in the Florian Republic include trance, house and Dubstep as well as garage music. Classical music is also extremely popular with many orchestras professional and amateur throughout the country.


Sports have been organised ever since the establishment of the country with sports turning professional at various times. The Florian Republic's official sports are ice hockey (winter) and rugby league (summer). Other major sports include basketball and football with sports such as rugby union and tennis enjoyed at amateur levels. Women's sport in the Florian Republic is strictly amateur however football became the first women's sport to be professionalised to some extent with Super League Football, the Florian Republic's major football competition for men, stating that they operate a semi-professional women's league from 2019 onwards.

The Florian Republic has four major professional sports leagues which are followed hugely worldwide. These four leagues are known as the 'Big Four' and these leagues are the Intercontinental Hockey League (ice hockey), Florian Super League (rugby league), Super League Football (football) and the FBA (Basketball).

The Florian Republic competed at the first-ever Micras Games in 2018 held in Jingdao and was the highest placed major sporting country in the medal table with 10 gold medals and two silver medals. The Florian Republic has also hosted major Micrasian sports events during its existence such as the MHL Junior World Championships and MHL World Championships (both 2019).