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Florian Cup

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Florian Cup
Florian Cup.png
Official logo
Countries Floria
Confederation Florian Football Association
Founded 2017
Number of teams 32
Current champions Northcliff United
Most titles Northcliff United (2)
Television broadcasters Red Sports
2020 Florian Cup

The Florian Cup (currently known as the Concord Cup for sponsorship reasons) is the annual knockout football competition in men's domestic Florian Football. It is organised by Florian Football Association.

Foreign clubs

Clubs from abroad used to play in the competition. These teams were usually from Etourney and for the 2018 Florian Cup, teams from the Florian Free State entered the competition. However, in 2020, teams from Etourney decided to withdraw from the competition and create their own one instead.


From the 2019-20 edition onwards. All teams in the Florian football league system except the Etournian teams will be entered into the cup. Due to the withdrawal of Etournian teams, the winners of the from the Regional Leagues from the previous season will qualify for the First Round. All Super League Football teams will enter the Second Round of the competition whilst the teams from Super League Football 2 will enter either the First Round or Second Round depending on league position from the previous season. Florian Championship and Florian League One teams all enter the First Round.


  • If a game is drawn at the end of 90 minutes, a replay shall be held a week after the game was played on the next Tuesday or Wednesday. The replay rule at the Semi-Final and Final stage does not apply.
  • If a replay is drawn after 90 minutes, the game shall go to a period of 30 minutes extra time, made up of two 15 minute halves, if still tied after extra time, the match will go to penalties.
  • If a player is sent off, they will receive a 2 match domestic ban, along with a ban on the next Florian Cup fixture should they qualify for the next round.
  • If a player is sent off for two bookable offences, they will be suspended for the next Florian Cup match, should they progress.
  • A player can only represent 1 club per season in this tournament.


Season Winners Score Runners-up