Florian Cocktail

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The Florian Cocktail (tar, sulphur, petrol, sand, & wick) was a variant of petrol bomb which first came to international fame and notoriety during the War of Lost Brothers when it appeared as a weapon of desperation in the hands of Florians who found themselves simultaneously fighting Jingdao, Shireroth, and each other, during the confusing denouement of that conflict. In spite of its crudeness it proved to be remarkably effective under certain conditions. A lit florian cocktail, dropped from the third or fourth storey of a building onto an exposed engine compartment could wreak havoc on a Dolstier I down in the street below. The Florian cocktail was subsequently produced in preposterous numbers by the Allied Production Matrix, being a stopgap incendiary device when combined with a detonator fuse or a percussion cap that found favour in a number of Pact armed forces. Although primarily still thrown or dropped by hand, a number of mechanical devices for launching Florian cocktails had been trialled over the years. Any occasion where a sustained barrage of Florian cocktails are thrown is known colloquially as a "cocktail party" in Pact circles.