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Capital: Anmutstadt and Tassity
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Local Leadership Title: Faro
Local Government: Absolute monarchy
Current leader: Nathan II
Guardian: Kyle Kilynn

Language: English, Natspeak
Religion: Bovinism

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Motto: Facciamo la baia il nostro lago

Flaventia, officially the Dynastic Incarnation of the Lands of Flaventia is a demesne union of Natopia that occupies most of Yellow Island and is the result of a merger of two historic Natopian subdivisions, Ziegeland and Tas Neemia. It serves as the base of power for the Waffel-Paine family which controls the demesne's government. The demesnes of Alrodey and Sororiya are currently united with Flaventia.

Map of Flaventia, Sororiya, and Alrodey


The Faro of Flaventia often creates counties (in Ziegeland) and subahs (in Tas Neemia) as gifts for important citizens. At times when the Faro and Natopian Emperor are the same person, these counties are also given to foreign dignitaries.

0. Nathan II, Duke of Lochhatonia, Count of Elivia

1. Vacant (no heir-designate), Duke of Hazelwood

2. Lord Erion, Duke of the Punkrock Isles

3. Vidar Salim Livarson, Duke of Cheshunt, Count of Upper Macon, Count of Anmutstadt

4. Noah, Duke of Robland, Count of Storborg

5. Zakyyr Moonoak and Li, Duke and Duchess of Haven, Count and Countess of Andiopolis

6. Edgard, Count of Le May*

6. Harald, Count of Holmborg*

7. Gwyn, Count of Bellerive

8. The Kaiser of Shireroth, Count of Dracoheim

9. Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion, Count of Macon Rapids

10. Gwyneth Angus-Moonoak and Ivo, Count and Countess of Pavleton

11. Mira Octavius-Aryani, Begum of Sakhawat-Myrtilis

12. Isabella Kalirion, Countess of Apis