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Flags of Calbion

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Flag of Calbion
Calbion flag.png
Use National flag
Proportion 5:3
Adopted 1596
Design A blue saltire on a white field, with the Coat of arms of Calbion superimposed at the center.
Designer Gwynneth Lewis

The Flag of Calbion was adopted immediately following the establishment of the Calbain nation in 1596. It draws upon the symbolism of the Calbain people.

Symbolism and design

The flag features the ancient coat of arms of the Prince of the Calbain, thereby representing the Calbain people. The blue saltire symbolises the maritime history of Calbion, whilst the white refers to the former royal colour, and has retrospectively also been suggested to symbolise the Catologian Faith. The flag of Calbion was updated in the year 17 ÔD to remove the black lining to the saltire.

Government Flags

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