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Flags of Sanama

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Flag of Sanama
Flag of Sanama.png
National flag of Sanama
Use National flag
Proportion 3:2
Adopted 1672
Design A horizontal bicolour of yellow and green, with a red band on the hoist side with a black star in the upper hoist corner.
Designer Unknown

National flags

The flag of Sanama was adopted by the National Revolutionary Council in 1672. The yellow symbolises the Ama people and the rolling fields. The green stands for the Sani people and the forests. The red represents socialism and the Cisamarrese people, while the black star stands for democracy, federation and the Istvanistani people. With the ascension of the non-socialist government in 1679, the socialism connection to the colour red was removed from the official description.

Provincial flags

Territorial flags

Cultural and ethnic flags