Five Year Plan (Constancia)

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Programme of works

1670/71 - "The Year of Mud and Brick"

  • 07.V.1670: Collectivisation of agriculture is introduced by the Permanent Standing Committee, restructuring rural society around the commune and the fulfilment of labour requirements for the Home Guard and Labour Battalions.
  • Dry Season, 1670: Without formal direction, but strongly encouraged by ideologues and planners associated with the Permanent Standing Committee, a water-conservancy campaign is launched, consisting of the repair of underground qanats and the construction of mud-brick retention walls. Hundreds of thousands of villagers, helots, and kul slaves, are compelled to work for months on end on remote projects without sufficient rest or food. The mass-mobilisation of corvée labourers required an expansion of the provincial bureaucracy, particularly around the offices associated with the Conscription Commissioners.
  • 24.VII.1670: In an effort to avert formal bankruptcy the Constancian finance ministry orchestrated the a disguised default on its existing debts through the devaluation of the Imperial Stater while continuing to price its assets, along with the holdings of favoured corporate partners, according to the former official exchange rates, utilising a new theoretical reserve currency. The devaluation effectively wiped out the remaining savings and purchasing power of citizens overnight, resulting in a barrage of criticism in the normally quiescent Synklētos, and a wave of protests focused in and around Aqaba - the commercial heart of Constancia.
  • 04.VIII.1670: Auxiliaries and Agrofilaki, directed by allied officers, crush pro-democracy and anti-Primokratía protests in Aqaba. Thousands of protesters - many of them students and intellectuals - were arraigned before drumhead court-martials, condemned for insurrection, and deported to Nísos Aigón to do hard labour. The Permanent Standing Committee, utilising provisions in the seldom-read Rules of Procedure, purged the Synklētos - expelling dozens of members critical of regime economic policies. Provincial governors availed themselves of the opportunity to eliminate local rivals and to appropriate lands.
  • XI.1670: Constancia attempts to fund initial workings of the Five Year Plan through negotiation of trade agreements and loans with Los Liberados, Shireroth, and interested commercial parties.
  • XII.1670: With the onset of the growing season, overseers who over-fulfil their quotas were promised new accommodation in the form of a: "two-storey adobe housing units with reinforcing steel ex-Bassarid railway tracks incorporated into the footing and stem wall, and prefabricated interior compartments designed around modified ex-ISO containers with ventilation shafts incorporated. Containers are installed on-site upon a raised mudbrick and rammed earth platform according to customary Babkhan building practice with the remainder of the housing unit being built up and around to enclose the containers entirely and form the completed structure. The housing unit, raised platform, and an outer courtyard, ideal for a tranquil paradise and adjoining victory garden, will be enclosed by cobbed retaining walls. All standing structures to be coated with a layer of wattle and daub, followed by a layer of lime plaster, topped by a coating of white wash".

1671/72 - "The Year of Lightning"

1672/73 - "The Year of Iron"

1673/74 - "The Year of Lead"

1674/75 - "The Year of Victory"