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First Consistory

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The First Consistory of the Kasterburg Republic was the first legislature of the nation. It was an appointed parliament which official duty is to provide council to the Magistrate, the head of state of the nation. Although the Cosistory can adopt laws, these only enter into force when promulgated by the Magistrate in a decree. The First Consistory was in session from 1656 until 1661.


The first Consistory had 55 seats, all of which were appointed. The majority of the members of the Consistory have organised themselves in political factions, while others sit as independent members. The factions that made up the First Consistory were as follows:

Logo Faction name Leader Ideology Colour Alligned members
LogoKVB.png Kasterburger Volksbond Victor Sabel Kasterburger Nationalism, Conservatism, Authoritarianism Green
27 / 55
LogoPV.png Patriottische Verzameling General Arthur P. Seegers Militarism, Kasterburger Nationalism Black
10 / 55
LogoNVVM.png Nationale Vereniging voor Vrijhandel en Mercantilisme George Versluys Capitalism, Corporatism White
6 / 55
LogoVAA.png Verenigde Arbeiders Actie Koos Tromp Socialism, Workers' rights Red
3 / 55
LOGOS.png Shirithian Solidarity Society Oliver Raynor Minority interests, pluralism Blue
1 / 55
Independents none Big tent Grey
8 / 55

Preceded by:
First Consistory of the Kasterburg Republic
Succeeded by
Second Consistory