Fieldburg (bailiwick)

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The Free City of Fieldburg (Elw: Филбур, Filbur) is a city and bailiwick in Elwynn, in the County of Fieldburg. It has been known in the past as a hub for republicanism and libertarianism, and has a large history of rebellion, especially during the tenure of Jack Lewis as Keeper of Fieldburg.

Sites of interest in the bailiwick include the Jack Lewis Memorial Building, Icebearist City Temple, and the Business District.

In 1641, Fieldburg was created the capital city of the Circuit of Wintergleam. It was transfered to the jurisdiction of the Iron Company in 1668, and joined the Elwynnese Republic after its independence in 1672.

According to the census of 1680, the bailiwick of Fieldburg has a population of 845,737. The people are highly ethnically diverse with no language spoken natively by more than one third of the population. Istvanistani is the sole official language of the bailiwick.

The bailiwick borders the Agnesian bailiwicks of Paanduburj, Ganaraja, and Dharmanadi in the west, the Sovereign Confederation in the south, Maskerer in the south-east, and Ådrabekk and Morsnes in the east.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of Fieldburg (Church of Elwynn).