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Commune of Feianova
Comuna Feianovedo
Official language English, Feianovedo ConLang
Capital Feianova City
Largest cities Aiur, Char, Braxis
Website Feianova Website
Forum Feianova Message Board
Number of citizens 9
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive, annexed to Lemuria)
Date founded 21 December 2002
Government Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Current leader none
Currency none
National animal unknown
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 6.6.9 - 6.7.6 (as an independent state)
6.7.7 - 6.8.5 (as part of Lemuria)
6.8.6 - 7.0.3 (as a territory of the Grand Commonwealth) 7.0.4 - 7.0.5 (as an independent state)
7.0.6 (as part of Lemuria)

The Commune of Feianova (also known as the Feianovan Commune and Democracy of Feianova) was a highly unusual micronation with its roots in the Democracy of Feijea. The new nation of Feianova founded by Sander Dielemann, at first experimented with Parliamentary Democracy before influence from Kuralyov, a micronationalist heavily involved with left-wing nations, started to operate as an Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune, a direct democracy in which there was no head of state or judiciary (with no laws to enforce). Such a governmental system was highly experimental but briefly very successful, and its membership of the Left Alliance and its ideology led it to maintain strong relations with Baracão and other Communist and Socialist micronations of the time. Like other 'SanderNations', it also boasted an unusually rich national culture and a highly professional ConLang (for which Dielemann even devised a basic grammar and small dictionary), Feianovedo.

Feianova's death in 2004 took with it perhaps one of the most interesting micronational government simulations ever devised, though Sander eventually moved on to new projects and the earlier enthusiasm for Communist and Socialist micronations across the Micran Sector died with it.