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National Space Directorate

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The National Space Directorate is the national agency responsible for the space programme in Sanama. Formed in 1681, its mission is to coordinate and facilitate Sanaman participation in space exploration, research and satellite construction and deployment.

Strategic cooperation

The directorate cooperates with Sanama Arms Industries for construction of parts for satellites and space stations, and with Simines for production of electronics for the same. Since 1683 Sanama is also a partner in the Senyan Space Programme.

Astronaut programme

The directorate is the coordinating agency for the Sanaman astronaut programme, initiated in X.1683 after Sanama joined the Senyan programme. In XIV.1683 the selection process for the first class of astronauts was completed. They were deployed to Space City in Senya shortly after to begin astronaut training.

# Name Rank Service branch Bio
A001 George Sinclair Sanaman Air Force
  • Test pilot
  • M.S. Aerospace engineering (ASU)
A002 Nala Shila Sanaman Air Force
  • PhD Astrophysics (ASU)
A003 Andrea Fratelli Sanaman Navy
  • Test pilot
  • M.S. Mech. engineering (AcqU)
  • B.S. Biology (AcqU)
A004 Yon Pasen Sanaman Air Force
  • Test pilot
  • M.S. Mech. engineering (ASU)
  • B.S. Aerospace engineering (ASU)
A005 Tanilo Kesha Nur Pinito Sanaman Air Force
  • Test pilot
  • M.S. Aerospace engineering (NYU)
A006 Sila Shona Payet Sanaman Air Force
  • M.S. Computer science (NYU)