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Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund (Nouvelle Alexandrie)

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Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund
Type Sovereign wealth fund
Industry Institutional investor
Founded 1685 AN
Founder(s) Alduria-Wechua Government of Alduria-Wechua
Headquarters Cárdenas, Alduria-Wechua
Key people

Ismael Gonzalez, Chairman

Jacqueline Fauquier, Managing Director
Total assets WAE€500 billion

The Federal Sovereign Wealth Fund (FSWF) is a sovereign wealth fund owned by the people of the Alduro-Wechua Federation and administered by the federal government.

It was founded in 1685 AN for the purpose of investing funds on behalf of the people of the Federation by its federal government from taxes on the profits of private hydrocarbon enterprises and the surplus revenues of state-owned hydrocarbon companies.

The FSFW also manages a special reserve of excess oil, estimated to be worth as much as WAE€448 billion. Its portfolio grows at an annual rate of about 10% compounded. Its portfolio includes real estate and fixed-income investments. Many companies are excluded by the fund on ethical grounds.

The FSFW has never published how much it has in assets but estimates have been between €448 billion to approximately WAE€500 billion.