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Federal Capital Territory (Sanama)

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Federal Capital Territory

FCT flag.png

Fct overview.png

Capital Sanama City
Largest cities

  • Total
289,153 (1680)
  • Density
542.50 per km2
  • Rank
3 of 4
Area 533 km2
  • Rank
4 of 4

  • Executive
Mayor Semisa Anderson (UNA)
  • Legislative
City Council (59)

Federal representation
2 senators
2 MLs

  • Official
Sanaman, Istvanistani, Cisamarrese
  • Other
Babkhi, Praeta, others
Local religion Somanes, Cedrism, Nazarenism, others, irreligion
Territorial code FCT

The Federal Capital Territory was established on 13.VI.1679 in order to create a separate entity to host the federal capital. From independence in 1671 the federal government had been located in Niyi. With the establishment of the Second Republic the government desired a fresh start. The location at the intersection between Amarra, Sanilla and Thanatos was chosen for symbolic reasons. The town already located in the district was renamed Sanama City and made the new capital of the federation. Government offices are expected to begin the move to the new capital during 1679.