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Fatehpur Sikri provincial election, 1679

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Fatehpur Sikri provincial election, 1679
Fatehpur Sikri
12.X.1679 1682 →

All 311 seats of the Legislative Assembly
156 seats needed for a majority. Two percent threshold.

  First party Second party
Party Coalition 1660 Sanaman National Party United Nationalist Alliance
Seats won 56 53 44
Percentage 17.74% 16.87% 14.11%
  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Northern League Sanaman Liberation Front Green Alliance
Seats won 39 39 22
Percentage 12.49% 12.30% 6.81%
  Seventh party Eighth party
Party N&H Partito Popolare Cisamarrese Sanaman Communist Party
Seats won 20 17 13
Percentage 6.16% 5.11% 4.14%
  Seventh party
Party Party of Workers and Laborers
Seats won 8
Percentage 2.45%

President of the Executive Council before election

Position established

Elected President of the Executive Council

Anita Kasha
Sanaman National Party

The Fatehpur Sikri provincial election, 1679 was the first election for the Legislative Assembly in the newly formed province. After the election the Sanaman National Party, United Nationalist Alliance, Northern League, Nationalist & Humanist Party and the Partito Popolare Cisamarrese formed the government.

Senate seat distribution

Following the election, the legislature selected senators as follows:

Party Senators
Sanaman National Party 2
United Nationalist Alliance 1
Northern League 1
Nationalist & Humanist Party 1
Partito Popolare Cisamarrese 1
Sanaman Liberation Front 1
Coalition 1660 1
Green Alliance 1