FX-021 Cargo Aircraft

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FX-021 Cargo Transport
Avnamc 05.jpg
Type: Military Cargo Transport Aircraft
Place of origin: Genovia

In service: 1991 - Present
Used by:

DvuSLagVAAIRP2M.jpg Kingdom of Genovia
Refliasia flag.png Duchy of Refliasia

In service: 20 (2 Genovia, 18 Refliasia)
Retired: N/A

Designed: 1984-1990
Manufacturer: Rugger Aircraft Corporation

Length: 43m
Width: 18m
Height: 14m
Weight: 60,800 kg
Crew: 4 (2 Pilots, 1 Flight Engineer, 1 Loadmaster)
Armament: Unarmed
Cost: 4.2 Million Genoves

The FX-021 Cargo Aircraft is a fixed-wing cargo aircraft used primarily by the Refliasia Self Defense Force.