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The FMT Pro Tour is a professional tennis tour organised and regulated by the Federation Micraise de Tennis. The first edition will start in August 2019. The top three tiers of the competition consist of 14 tournaments, all open to both men and women. All players are registered in the FMT Player Registry.

The first edition of the competition will be the 2019 FMT Pro Tour. All competitions on the tour are run by the FMT.


Tournament Country City Surface Organiser Years
Grand Slams
Gjardino Open Sanama Sanama Acquecalde Grass Gjardino Tennis Club 2019–
Kamigawa Classic Nijima Nijima Kamigawa Clay FMT 2019–
Florian Open Florian Republic Florian Republic ? Hard FMT 2019–
Albury Open New Riverina New Riverina Albury Hard (i) FMT 2019–
Tour Finals
FMT Tour Finals Mercury Mercury Deacon Grass FMT 2020
Masters 1000
Kealb Open Craitland Craitland Kealb Carpet (i) Royal Craitish Tennis Club 2019–
ACC Mercury Masters Mercury Mercury Mercury Hard (i) MTA 2019–
LBC Abierto Los Liberados Los Liberados Puerto Arcadio Clay Federación Liberadosano de Tenis 2019–
Pasdaran Classic Championships Talenore Talenore Pasdaran Clay FMT 2019–
Svorgas Open Senya Senya Svorgas Grass FMT 2019–
Grandbay Open Krasnocoria Krasnocoria Grandbay Clay FMT 2019–
Benacian Open Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Merensk Clay Gentlemen & Officers' Tennis Association 2019–
Red Bear Cup Florian Republic Florian Republic Dragonmoor Hard (i) FRTA 2019–
Wagga Wagga International New Riverina New Riverina Wagga Wagga Hard (i) NRTA 2019–

Tournaments per surface type

  • Grass: 3
  • Clay: 5
  • Hardcourt: 5
  • Carpet: 1

Point distribution

Level W F SF QF L16 L32 L64 Q
Grand Slam 2000 1200 720 360 180 90 50/25 15
Tour Final 1500 900 540 270 135
Masters 1000 1000 600 360 180 90 45 30/15 8


Each tournament on the tour has five mandatory disciplines: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. A player can only qualify for two disciplines: the relevant singles discipline and one of the doubles disciplines.