FMF World Cup Team of the Tournament

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The FMF World Cup Team of the Tournament is an official all-star team formed of the best performers at each FMF World Cup finals tournament. The 2017 tournament was the first to have its Team of the Tournament named in the immediate aftermath of its hosting. However, all prior finals tournaments have since had official teams retroactively named.

Teams of the Tournament

Players in italics were named that tournament's best player.

Year Goalkeeper Defenders Midfielders Forwards
Taesong 2006
NovatainiaTokidoki 2007
Amokolia 2008
Alexandria 2009
Hamland 2010
Shireroth 2011
Antica 2012
ZandarijnHammish Monovia 2013
Indokistan 2014
Craitland 2015
Senya 2017

Appearances by nationality

19 Craitland Craitland
16 Hamland Hamland
13 Alexandria Alexandria
Gaia Gaia / Tellia Tellia
9 Mercury Mercury
6 Passas Passas
4 Beaugium Beaugium
Senya Senya
Shireroth Shireroth
3 Bobalania Bobalania
Nova England Nova England
Taesong Taesong
Tokidoki Tokidoki / Toketi Toketi
2 Antica Antica
Gerenia Gerenia
Interland Interland
Monovia Monovia
Riponia Riponia
Vyktory Vyktory
1 Batavia Batavia
Birgeshir Birgeshir
Hurmu Hurmu
Jingdao Jingdao
Leon and Venezia Leon and Venezia
Natopia Natopia
New Brittania New Brittania / Britannia Britannia
North Antarctica North Antarctica
Talenore Talenore

Players with multiple appearances