F-9 Ashavan II

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F-9 Ashavan II
F-9 Ashavan II.png
Diagram of an early production variant F-9 Ashavan II circa 1676 AN
Type Air Superiority Fighter
Place of origin Talenore Talenore / Raspur Pact
Introduced 1676 AN
Designed 1675 AN
Manufacturer Mistra Aerospace (Allied Production Matrix)
Length 14.5 m
Wingspan 8.9 m
Empty weight 8,160 kg
Loaded weight 16,800 kg
Powerplant 1 × Mistra RM7 afterburning turbofan engine
Maximum speed 2,214 km/h (Mach 2.08)
Sortie range 640 km
Ferry range 2,560 km
Service ceiling 13,716 m
Rate of climb 318 m/s
Defensive measures
  • ES-13 radar warning receiver
  • ES-14 RF countermeasures
  • ES-24: chaff jamming countermeasure system
  • ES-27 "Froyalan" radar

The F-9 Ashavan II is an air superiority fighter developed from the FA-9 Banshee, retaining the basic airframe and turbofan engine of the originating platform whilst undergoing extensive internal modification to establish backwards compatibility with the avionics and weaponry of the Raspur Pact - the new aircraft's primary intended export customer and licencee.


Former operators


F-9N Ashavan II

A VTOL version of the F-9 Ashavan II originating in Sanama for use on aircraft carriers and amphibious transport docks as well as the Logistic Support Vessel.