Fï Ríoja del Háifa

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A portrait of Fï Ríoja del Háifa created immediately prior to her ascension to the Office of the Oracle..

Early Life

Date Event Significance
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Birth and Early Education Fï Ríoja was born in the city of Mylecia to a virgin concubine of Amäz Sanak, as a result of a process which is known within the Bassarid religion as Divine Mandation. It is the case that despite the highly unusual circumstances of her birth, the early life of Fï Ríoja is in many respects very similar to that of her friend, mentor, and eventual betrayer, Kan Zen. To this end she was raised as the favored pupil of the Priestess of Agripinilla, who cultivated her skills and talents as a priestess of the Bassarid faith and as a potential spy and diplomat.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Appointment to Council of Temple Priestesses On 84/02/36 PSSC Fï Ríoja was promoted from her role as the star pupil of the Priestess of Agripinilla, to the position of Temple Priestess of The Strait, in the newly established Council of Temple Priestesses. In this role Fï Ríoja distinguished herself as the favorite spiritual advisor and companion of the Crown of Passio-Corum. Such was the relationship between Kan Zen and Fï Ríoja that in 36.70 PSSC, Ríoja was appointed to the office of Companion of the Crown, a position which had formerly been occupied by Kan Zen herself, who served prior to her ascension to the Crown of Passio-Corum, as the Companion of Crown Opyeme Amor.


Date Event Significance
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Appointment as Ambassador to Caputia Having developed a close personal relationship with Kan Zen as her friend and spiritual advisor, Fï Ríoja was appointed on 106/02/36 PSSC to the office of Ambassador to Caputia. It was in this role the Ríoja would work tirelessly to establish on behalf of Kan Zen, political and economic ties between Passio-Corum and the peoples of the Strait of Haifa. The efforts of Fï Ríoja in this respect would culminate in 36.81, at the height of the Strait of Haifa Campaign, when Passio-Corum and the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa were unified under the singular rule of Kan Zen, who now assumed the titles of Crown of Passio-Corum and Priestess of Agripinilla.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Acension to Office of Oracle Owing to her success in terms of helping to unify Passio-Corum and the Maritime Markets into the new Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union, Fï Ríoja was appointed on 159/03/36 PSSC as Oracle of the Pallisican Religion, and heir apparent to the Crown of Passio-Corum.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) The Hoshasei Correspondences As Oracle, Fï Ríoja would - with the approval of Kan Zen who sought a royal marriage with Jingdao - allow herself to be courted through a series of correspondences and brief meetings, by the Hoshasei Emperor. The romance which emerged between Fï Ríoja and Hon Ben Jade would culminate in the establishment in the short-lived Bassarid Empire, a political and economic union between Jingdao and the Bassarids, which was dissolved following the overthrow of the Meiyo Emperor in Jingdao. With the dissolution of the Bassarid Empire, the relationship between Fï Ríoja and the Hoshasei Emperor would deteriorate over time, in a series of events which is today chronicled in Act II of the tragic play entitled The Ríojades.

Betrayal and Death

Date Event Significance
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Rivalry and Conspiracy With the failure of the Bassarid Empire, and the deterioration of her relationship with the Hoshasei Emperor, Fï Ríoja would find herself confronted by a number of rivals, who sought to acquire for themselves the distinct favor of the Crown of Passio-Corum. Most notable among these was her long-term adversary Díapaza Bréidle, a high priestess of the Maritime Guild of the Cult of Maskmakers, who rose to prominence during Strait of Haifa Campaign as a result of her success in covertly unifying the many commerce cults located along the Strait of Haifa in opposition to SANE military forces. Facing such formidable adversaries, Ríoja struggled in vain to retain what she perceived to be her credibility, and legitimacy, as heir-apprent to the Crown of Passio-Corum. When on 104/02/37 PSSC, Bréidle was appointed to the newly established position of Bassarid Chief Intelligence Officer, it is reported that Ríoja appealed to Kan Zen in an effort to convince her to abdicate. When her appeal was rejected, Ríoja is believed to have considered fleeing to the Strait of Haifa. If she attempted to carry out this plan, it is the case that she was prevented from doing so.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Betrayal and Rejection On 157/02/37 PSSC, Fï Ríoja was forced to confront allegations published in the New Zimian Standard, which proposed that she maintained connections to the criminal overlords who oversaw the burgoning, illicit Noctic-Rabrev trade in the region surrounding Lake Morovia. Ríoja firmly rejected these allegations, stating that the charges were a result of a conspiracy within the leadership Bassarid intelligence community, which sought to undermine her right to ascend to the throne. Ultimately, her appeals to the public, and to the Crown, were in vain. In the court of public opinion, Ríoja's reputation was irreparably stained, and she was forced to retreat from her public role as Oracle. Although she never resigned, she was implicitly removed from the role following the announcement by Kan Zen that she would appoint as her heir, instead of Fï Ríoja, the recently appointed Bassarid Chief Intelligence Officer, Díapaza Bréidle. In the days following the announcement by Zen, appealed once again to the nation's public In a final effort aimed at retaining her role. Once again, her appeals were rejected, and she was forced into hiding.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Death The exact date of Fï Ríoja's death is unclear. According to official government reports, Ríoja died while in hiding after poisoning herself with a highly potent Noctic-Rabrev concentrate. Government reports are, with this said, highly disputed by many advocates, who argue that Ríoja was murdered by assassins working under the command of Díapaza Bréidle. For its part, the government has not commented on such allegations, except to describe them as contemptible lies.


Date Event Significance
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Last of the Oracle Rulers and Rise of the Intelligence State Insofar as she was prevented from ascending to the Crown of Passio-Corum following her appointment to the position of Oracle, Fï Ríoja is regarded as the last of the Oracle Rulers, whose lineage began with the ascension of Queen Esper I. In place of the Oracle Rulers there has arisen a dynasty defined by the extensive power of the nation's intelligence community.
TBD PSSC (TBD ASC) Neo-Pallisicanism Owing to conspiracies which relate to her possible murder at the hands of Bassarid spies, Fï Ríoja has come to be regarded as a martyr of the Neo-Pallisicanist religion.