Fälttåget mot 'Nclavesci

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The Campaign against the 'Nclavesci (Army Crandish: Fälttåget mot 'Nclavesci), led by the Peace and Stability Mission in Angularis (PASMA), was an intervention staged by the Union Defence Force of Elwynn against the aforementioned loose criminal fraternity which had long operated with impunity in the portion of the Angularis region under nominal Tellian sovereignty. Following the 1679 withdrawal of the South Benacian Community-led peacekeeping mission in Northern Tellia, the Elwynnese Republic felt obligated to enter the Tellian-claimed region in order to suppress banditry and restore order in the region.

The action commenced on 15.VIII.1679 with a series of coordinated strikes by light attack aircraft against compounds operated by various criminal factions, previously identified by deep cover operatives active in the region. The use of unguided rockets and bombs against structures located adjacent to civilian habitations is condemned by the Red Orchid Society. UDF spokesmen nonetheless maintained, in response to press queries, that every effort was being made to minimise the risk to which civilians in Angularis were liable to be exposed during the course of these operations.

The Elwynnsbrigad 28/2 stormed Vecchio Scoglitto (not to be confused with the Città di Scoglitto) in northern Tellia on 19.X.1679 after a preliminary mortar barrage and strafing of structures and vehicles in the area by light attack aircraft. The occupying forces entered the old town along roads from the north, south, and east, in three columns spearheaded by infantry fighting vehicles. Roads to the west were left open, providing a corridor along which opponents of the Elwynnese takeover could flee. These displaced persons were subsequently reported to Benacia Command by local UDF forward observers as being "hostile", in consequence of which helicopter gunships of the 8th Brunïak Afzælt-bi-Łoïdi were vectored in to engage the fleeing Tellians with salvos of unguided rockets and laid down fire from rotary autocannons. Within the urban districts of the bailiwick meanwhile, the homes of 'Nclavesci members, identified by local informants, were machine-gunned from the streets and those inside given ten minutes in which to surrender. In the event or no response or resistance being encountered, phosphorous grenades would be thrown in to flush out any felons lurking within. Subsequently these residences, designated as resistance strongpoints, would be demolished by engineers employing shaped charges. In the wake of the UDF first line forces, a detachment of cudgellers and ethnic Babkhi militia was assigned to the town to establish a PASMA authority there for the bailiwick of Vecchio Scoglitto. This action brought the number of PASMA authorities in northern Tellia to eight (Angularia d'Este, Nataliana, Scrivia, Pecatti, Peremino, Tioruzzi, and Vecchio Scoglitto), leaving 7 without a PASMA authority (Angularia Settentrionale, Pittoria, Forresta de la Regina, Campo Aspicano, Reggiano, Fiorecittà, Città di Scoglitto). These PASMA Authorities would be established in all bailiwicks of northern Tellia,to ensure the extension of Elwynnese law, jurisdiction and sovereignty to all bailiwicks of northern Tellia.