Experimental Projector Smoke

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Experimental Projector Smoke
Type: Simulation artillery/anti-tank mortar
Designer: Balísta Ergostásio Synarmológisis
Manufacturer: Balísta Ergostásio Synarmológisis
In service: 1670 –
Used by:

Constancia ICAF

Breech: Spigot mortar
Maximum Range: 200–259 m
Effective Range: 91 m
Propulsion: black powder charge
Warhead: 9 kg training round
Guidance system:
Status: In limited service

Developed by Balísta Ergostásio Synarmológisis, the Experimental Projector Smoke is an artillery and anti-tank simulation training aid designed to "lob" a smoke, paint, or small explosive canister round against a designated target. Theoretically could be used as an anti-personnel or anti-vehicle weapon of last resort.