Exercise Tempus Est

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Exercise Tempus Est was a major Raspur Pact exercise, overseen by Benacia Command, held on the Benacian Continent between 24.IX.1675 & TBC. The purpose of the exercise was to provide the national contingents with experience of combined arms operations and to improve interoperability between allied forces four years after the Kalirion Fracture had resulted in the break up of the old Shirerithian armed forces.

Participating Units

  • Benacia Command
    • Black Legions:
      • Eastern Tactical Air Force
      • Northern Tactical Air Force
    • Elwynn Elwynn:
      • 7th Anti-Air Defence of the Nation Division (7 AADN Div)
      • 8th Strategic Operations Division (8 Strat-Op Div)
      • 9th Maritime Reconnaissance Division (9 MR Div)
    • Talenore Talenore: 3 Air Combat Wing
    • Drak-Modan Drak-Modan:
      • 3rd Army Division
      • 2nd Air Force Group
      • 1st Carrier Group
  • Sanama Sanama:
    • II Air Force Wing
    • 33 Special Army Service Squadron
List of forces by contribution
Country Number of Personnel Quantity of Equipment Units Notes
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates