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Eventide Islands

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The Realms of the Eventide Islands
125px|Flag of (none)|frameless
Coat of Arms of (none)
Coat of Arms
Motto: Forged in Fire
Anthem: WIP
[[|250px|Location of (none)|frameless]]
Map versions ???
Capital Kobol
Largest city Kobol
Official language(s) Draconian (official)
Standard (most common)
Official religion(s) Draconic
Native folk religions
 - Adjective Ralgon
Government Oligarchy (led by a ruling council of three Hexarchs)
 - Lord Paramount Lord Karl Gloucester (as Hexarch of Kobol)
 - Chief Councilor Governor Fabian Price (as Hexarch of New Stormhold)
 - Legislature Imperial Senate
Establishment 1680 AN (as part of Ralgon)
1685 (as part of the Hexarchy)
Area NA
Population 4,500,000 (1685, est.)
Active population NA
Currency Guilder (£)
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal phoenix
National food
National drink
National tree orange tree

This is a part of a new region in The Green under colonization by the Ralgons. It is a part of the Principality of Pyrax, which consist of the islands at the mouth of the western keltian inland straits that lead to the principality's capital of Azul'an. The fortress/city island of La Roque falls under Eventide's jurisdiction.

The capital of the Eventide Islands is the port city of Kobol, which benefits from traffic through the so-called Straits of Pyrax, as well as between the far-flung Ralgon lands of Adrestia and Drag'os and their allies abroad. Kobol was the first settled city in Pyrax, and is one of the largest. Kobol serves as the capital of the larger constituent country, which is spread thinly over this portion of Keltia and currently confined to the islands on which the colonists first settled.