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| Nathanaël Lefrançois
| Nathanaël Lefrançois
| [[Club de Tudela]]
| [[Tudela Stampede]]
| [[Tudela]]
| [[Tudela]]
| [[Estadio de Tudela]]
| [[Estadio de Tudela]]

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Euran League - Alduria Division
Countries Alduria Alduria
Confederation AEFA
Founded 1671 AN
Number of teams 16
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Aldurian Cup

The Euran League - Alduria Division is the top professional football division of the Aldurian football league system. It is comprised of sixteen professional football clubs based in several cities of Alduria. The organization that manages the Aldurian division of the Euran League is the Aldurian Federation of Football (AFF). The title "Euran League" refers to the aspiration of Alduria to join and take part in the Raspurid-proposed greater Euran League, where each indigenous Euran nation establishes their own national divisions within a common league structure.

The Aldurian Football League was founded in 1671 as part of the government's effort to promote and encourage the growth of sports leagues and industries in the nascent Republic. In 1672, it changed its name to the Euran League - Alduria Division.

The Aldurian Division is a single entity in which each team is owned by the Aldurian Division itself and individually operated by the league's investors.

The headquarters of the Alduria Division are in the city of Punta Santiago, the capital of Alduria.



The Aldurian Division of the Euran League is governed by a Board of Directors that administers the affairs of the Aldurian Federation of Football. There are currently 12 members of the Board of Directors.

Individuals in key leadership positions include:

  • Jean Brown – President;
  • Manuela Gutierrez - Vice President;
  • Naghi Saharkhiz – Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Maria Ducreux – Chief Financial Officer;
  • Manuel Farzan – Vice President of Communications.

The National Council of the Aldurian Division is the representative membership body of the Aldurian Federation of Football. It elects the president and vice president, amends the bylaws, approves the budgets, decides on policies adopted by the board, and affirms actions of the Board.

The Alurian Division is a member of Apollonia and Eura Football Association, one of the four confederations of the FMF and of the Euran League. The Aldurian Division also maintains close relationships with the Alduria Anti-Doping Agency, the Aldurian National Sport Committee and the Alduria Paralympic Committee, organizations created under Order 029, issued by the Transitional Government to promote the development of national sports.

The AFF convenes in an annual meeting. Every four AN years, the annual meeting's attendees hold an election for the federation's president and vice president.


The lack of stadiums and facilities in Alduria was a chronic problem for the growth of the Alduria Division during its first five years of existence. After the Federation entered a period of restructuring The Federation encouraged the construction of new stadium facilities, financed by increased private investment and from direct subsidies from the local and national government as a part of grander national public works and development plans.

The two largest stadiums in the league are home to the Aldurian military teams: Admiralty Stadium for the Aldurian Navy and Army National Stadium for the Aldurian Army's football clubs, respectively. Both stadiums hold up to 100,000 people, both having been completed in 1681 AN, with a heavy subsidy from the Department of Defense to both projects.

Conferences of the Alduria Division

Northern Conference

Southern Conference


The Northern Conference
Team City Stadium Capacity Head Coach
Punta Santiago FC Punta Santiago Estadio Varela 58,123 Nathanaël Lefrançois
Tudela Stampede Tudela Estadio de Tudela 32,000 Bernabé Piñón
Carrillo Fury Carrillo Carrillo National Stadium 32,000 Jose Carballar
Piriya FC Piriya Khan Stadium 42,000 Thibaut Gounelle
Punisher FC Cartagena Cartagena City Stadium 42,000 Alphonse Longchambon
Aldurian Navy FC Susa Admiralty Stadium 100,000
Aldurian Army FC Narbonne Army National Stadium 100,000
Susa Buccaneers FC Susa Susa Field 38,000 Youssef Nassour
The Southern Conference
Gramercy Titans Gramercy Titan Stadium 32,000 Mansour Golchin
Fontainebleau Union FC Fontainebleau Emperor Edgard II Memorial Stadium 40,000 Rodrigo Velázquez
Pirates FC Alduria City Pirate Field 20,000 Maximiliano Carvallo
Valenciana United Valenciana Stadium of Valenciana 32,000 William Alarie
Behaurnais Tigers Behaurnais Tiger Stadium 32,000 Remy Girardot
Altus FC Norvind Stade d'Altus 40,000 Loup Raoult
Ahvaz United FC Ahvaz Union Stadium 32,000 Farhad Darvishi
Imperial FC Valladares Imperial Colliseum 50,000 Alain Mallette

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