Canton of Estarisa

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Kanton Estarisa


Capital: Whanitori
Largest cities

  • Total
  • Density
136 per km2
  • Rank
57 of 69
Area 3,576 km2

  • Executive
Executive Council (7)
  • Legislative
Island Assembly (75)

  • Official
  • Other
Local Religion Somanes, Cedrism, irreligious
Cantonal Code ET

Estarisa (Cisamarrese: Azarea; Hurmu: Azjareyja) is an island and canton of Sanama. Its capital and main city is Whanitori. Administratively part of the Coastal Sanilla Region since 1672. Before that part of Shireroth, associated with Brookshire but with a distinct insular culture and government of its own. Population is 485,013 on an area of 3,576 square kilometres, giving the island a population density of c. 137 inhabitants per sq km.

Elwynnese prince Daniel Kalirion was brought up on the island.

While the indigenous name of the island is Estarisa (the etymology of which is uncertain and debated), the island was prior to the Kalirion Fracture and the independence of Sanama most commonly known by its Cisamarrese name Azarea. Azarea ultimately from the same root as the name of the similarly sized county of Ž, via Hurmu Azjareyja (rendered Azarea in Cisamarrese and Istvanistani). The Laqi noun of ž, although not etymologically native to Laqi, roughly means “Modanian island”, originally representing a hieroglyph of special, but today lost, significance. That special glyph can often found among the Khaz-Modan ruins on Ž, Azarea and various other islands and coasts of Brookshire and Yardistan

The Hurmu name, Azjareyja, can be divided into two parts, azjar and eyja. The first part, azjar, is the genitive of the Hurmu pronunciation of the Laqi word ž, and eyja is a poetic form for “island”. It is related to the Crandish aujo (as in the Vaan Aujoen), also meaning “island”.