Ergonian Spy Agency

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Logo of the Ergonian Spy Agency.

Established in 885 WG, the Ergonian Spy Agency employs hundreds of citizens of the former Independent Realm of Ergonia, who work throughout Eastern Keltia to secure and maintain the interests of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa.

Recent Production Reports

917 WG: Prices are High

-Spies: .016 Spies / Share

35.25 PSSC Employment Report

-Number of People Employed (% of all Employed): 828 (11.10%)

-Total Paid in Wages (% of all Wages): 59 Lievs (%)

-Average Wages / Employee: .07 Lievs

-Value of Company (% of GDP): 5,280 Lievs (11.10%)

Company is Underfunded.