Elwynnese Mishalan

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The Elwynnese parts of Mishalan, officially known as the Bailiwick of Mishalan or the County of Mishalan, are the territories of the historic Mishalan currently under Elwynnese sovereignty. The main cities are Mishalan (city) and Concord. Since 1678, Elwynnese Mishalan constitutes one bailiwick, by merging the former bailiwicks of Old Mishalan, Concord, Mudyy, and Staraya Varya. Mishalanese is the sole official language of the bailiwick. Population in 1680 was 2,745,840.

The extent of Elwynnese Mishalan.

The present garrison of Elwynnese Mishalan is provided by the Multinational Forces Mishalan (MFM), which has responsibility for providing force security for the border quarantine and long range sensor network between the districts of Staraya Varya and Old Mishalan.