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The Congress of the Elwynnese Republic is the legislature of the Congressional Counties of the Elwynnese Republic (that is, Northern Elwynn). President, or speaker, of the Congress is Isa Kaliandarion Qor (EWP).

The executive elected by the Congress consists of the National Vanguard parties of the Verionist Union, the Ayreonist Independence Party, and the Elwynnese Workers' Party. They command a majority of the Congress of 155 against the opposition's 95.

Following the 1672 Elwynnese congress election, the make-up of the Congress is as follows:

Alliance Party Abbr. Seats Ideology
National Vanguard of Elwynn Ayreonist Independence Party AIP
48 / 250
Ayreonism, civic nationalism
Elwynnese Workers' Party EWP
37 / 250
Socialism, civic nationalism
Verionist Union VU
70 / 250
Verionism, civic nationalism
Movement for National Salvation & Rights Nationalist & Humanist Party N&H
40 / 250
Ascensionism, Benacian confederalism, Conservatism, Corporatism, Human supremacism, Khanism, Mercantilism
League for Amokolian Self-Rule Mishalanski Party of Democratic Socialism MPDS
5 / 250
Socialism, Amokolian self-rule, Mishalenese reunification
Amokolian Freedom Front AFF
27 / 250
Amokolian reunification as independent state, Amokolian self-rule
Others Democratic Party of Elwynn DEM
20 / 250
Conservative pro-Shireroth, pro-Raspur ("Imperial Remoaners")
Holy Party of the Divine Icebear HPDI
3 / 250
Icebear theocracy, Church rights, Cimmerian identity