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Elwynn Premier League

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Elwynn Premier League
Countries Elwynn Elwynn
Confederation WMFA
Founded 2013
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 1 of 1
Domestic cup(s) Trans-Elwynn Cup
International cup(s) WMFA Champions' League

The Elwynn Premier League is the top football league in Elwynn. The league is contested by eight teams, with each team playing 14 fixtures during a season. The season starts in October and ends in January.


The Elwynn Premier League was founded in 2013 to organize the first season of the Premier League. In 2019, the Premier League began a process of restructuring, so allow more teams from the community to rise up. Farvælska, Mishalan City, Vankarha Phyyta Raikoth, and Mishalan United joined in 2019.

List of Clubs