El-Fazouli Phoenix

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El-Fazouli Phoenix
Ligako Afrikaana

El-Fazouli Phoenix was an Afrikaanian football club based in the city of El-Fazouli, which competed in the Ligako Afrikaana. The manager was Herbert van Dijk and the club's stadium was the Hesha Square.


El-Fazouli Phoenix were founded in 2013 as one of the five clubs in the Ligako Afrikaana. The team was dissolved in 2015 following the disbandment of Afrikaana.


Notable former players

Phoenix Akademia

The Phoenix Akademia was the one of the youth academies in Afrikaana. Players such as Kazim El Sharaaway and Kevin Razak-Price flourished under this academy. The academy had a variety of scouts stationed in places such as Craitland and North Antarctica. The process starts when at 14 they are brought in to the boarding academy. They train until age 15, where the top eleven are chosen to train together. The best of those train with the first squad as well. Finally, 4 players are chosen out of those eleven to go to be selected by Ligako teams. The next 3 get places in the Konferentzia Afrikaana, and the rest become free agents. Some players however, can have special circumstances. If a player is seen as a future star, then he will skip the camp and go straight to the El-Fazouli first team. The Akademia dissolved in July of 2013.

Former Akademia players