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The Eko-Adred is a tall, lumbering creature which is beloved by the people of Corum for its calm demeanor. In addition to its size, the Eko-Adred is also renowned for its very loud, frog-like vocalizations, which can be heard from miles away.
In red, the known range of the Eko-Adred-Eda.

At over five meters tall, this bipedal amphibian is the tallest animal in Northern Corum. Featuring two long, stilt-like legs, The Eko-Adred-Eda can often be seen in groups of two to three, grazing on the highest leaves of the region's treetops. This creature has no natural predators, and hunting the Eko-Adred is strictly outlawed.

Found in 7 out of 20 Pallisican cities in Corum, this species is common.