Eighth Synklētos

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The election diagram of the Fifth Synklētos.
Election Diagram.

The election for the Eighth Synklētos is a work in progress.

Themes and secessionist movements

The Fifth Synklētos election saw the highest number of parties ever elected - 6. Amongst them were the two so-called 'colonist' parties, the KA and the NO. This was a sign of the emerging nationalist movements, particularly in Nivardom. Throughout the life of this Synklētos, the party's representative and co-chairman, Ivan Asen, caused disputes and endlessly campaigned for Nivardom to leave the Kingdom, however these secessionist demands were not approved.

Legislative business

Reform of the Courts

The Basileusa introduced a Bill to provide the framework of operation of the Constancian courts. Up until then, it was only the Constitution that mentioned the judicial branch, and more particularly The High Court of the Realm. The Courts Act 2016, which received Vasilikí Singatáthesi on the 4th of November 2016, further legislated on the scope of judicial authority of the High Court. Unlike other courts of final appeal, such as those in Natopia or Alexandria, under the provisions of the Act the Constancian High Court became limited in its ability to consider cases. Its power was only extended to interpreting the constitution. On all other matters, it must be the Synklētos to grant such permission to the Court.

Election result by party

e • d  Summary of the Fifth Synklētos election results
27 August 2016
Parties Votes  % ± Seats ±
Dimokratia Avyi (Government) - - - 25 −4
Fileléfthero Kómma Foní (Opposition) - - - 21 -6
Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí - - - 7 +7
Ergatikó Kómma tou Sosialismoú - - - 4 +2
Kómma ton Apoikión - - - 2 +2
Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska - - - 1 +1
Other/Independents - - - 0 -2
Total - 100% 60