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Economy of the Wechua Nation/Parap Stock Exchange

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The Parap Stock Exchange (PASE) is a Wechua stock exchange located in the Wechua capital, the city of Parap.

The Parap Stock Exchange is the country's largest stock exchange, and it is owned by a private company called ParaInterp. ParaInterp is also listed in the market.


Sectors in the Parap Stock Exchange:

  • Agriculture
  • Banks and Finance
  • Construction
  • Industries
  • Mining
  • Natural Gas
  • Services
  • Diversified


Hours and Holidays

Companies Listed

Company Logo Company Name (Stock Symbol) Description Company HQ Most Recent Stock Price
AeroWechua (AEW) Privately-owned airline Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
Aldric's Shirerithian Imports (ASI) Foreign commodities, imports. Parap, Wechua Nation 5
Alma Pharmaceuticals (ALP) Pharmaceutical corporation Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
ESB Parap (ESB) Corporate Security, Investments, Commodities, Agriculture, Transportation Parap, Wechua Nation 5
FlightEx (FLX) Aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, and agricultural aircraft. Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
Haifa Trading Group Commerce and resource extraction in the former Haifa regions Parap, Wechua Nation 5
National Bank of Credit (NBC) Financial Services, Banking, Investments, Commodities Parap, Wechua Nation 5
ParaInterp(PAI) Financial Services, Stock, Bonds Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
Qaqao Commodities (QAQ) Parap, Wechua Nation 5
Rimarima Armaments (RIA) Defense manufacturer, from light arms to heavy artillery. Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
Sarbanes-Lopez CyberSecurity (SLS) Computing, Cybersecurity, Intelligence Parap, Wechua Nation 5
United Marble Corporation (UMC) Marble extraction, mining, construction, financial services. Parap, Wechua Nation 5
Wechu Antanka Pampa (WAP) Management of the Rimarima International Airport, Construction of Parap International Airport. Rimarima, Wechua Nation 5
1 Wechu Road Corp (WRC) Construction and Infrastructure. Parap, Wechua Nation 5
1 WechuGas (WEG) Exploration and extraction of natural gas, mining. Parap, Wechua Nation 5

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