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Economy of the Confederate States of Floria

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Economy of the Florian Republic
Currency: the Florian dollar ($)
GDP: $3.9 trillion
GDP by Sector:

Industries: Music
Telecommunication and technology
Major Industry (% of GDP): TBD
Largest Company (Value): TBD
Labour Force (% of Total Population): TBD (TBD %)
Labour Force by Sector:
  • Military and Defense: TBD (TBD%)
  • Food (% of All Employed): TBD (TBD%)
  • Industry
  • Energy: TBD (TBD %)
  • Services
  • Other: TBD (TBD %)
Unemployed (% of Total Population): 3%

Budget: TBD $
Budget Surplus or Deficit: TBD $
Inflation Rate:

Exports: Things.
Export Partners: Los Liberados, Freeland, Thracistan, Constancia
Imports: Things.
Import Partners: Los Liberados, Freeland, Thracistan, Constancia
Reserves of Foreign Currency:

The Economy of the Confederate States of Floria is a highly developed free-market economy. It has one of the Micra's largest by nominal GDP despite recovering from war and post-war treaties which disabled many of the countries most important sectors until the treaties were eventually abolished. The Florian dollar is one of the most stable and it's exchange rate compares strongly with the Craitish Cräite, the standard used to compare other currencies. The Florian Republic imports and exports a large number of goods, most notably the former member states of the Apollonian and Euran Economic Union and the Iron Company.

The Florian Republic has one of the largest automobile manufacturing industries and the largest telecommunication and technology industry and is the most innovative in that sector. Other major industries include mining, music, sports and cultivation of cannabis.


Major sectors