Economy of Shireroth/Chamber of Guilds and Factorage

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The Economy of Shireroth/Chamber of Guilds and Factorage is the primary brokerage of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Housed in Shirekeep under the auspices and control of the Office of Bounties and Factorage, it is almost by default the leading market place and commodities trading platform of Benacia.

Company Logo Company Name Products & Services Country of Origin State or Province County
. Anzarolexion banking, financial services, insurance IRS ELW Shirekeep
. Benacia Rail Systems Ltd n/a - in administration IRS . .
100px Cimmerian Spirits LLC Production of alcoholic beverages IRS Elwynn Cimmeria/Thunderrock
. Elwynn High Tech Engineering n/a - in administration IRS Elwynn Eliria/Raikoth
ESB.png ESB-Jörmungandr Group Commodity Services, Logistic Services, Outsourcing Services, Financial Services, Security, Colonial Ventures IRS Goldshire Ynnraile
. Gaelen Technologies Corporation Military & Commercial Electronics IRS Imperial Dominions Imperial County (Shirekeep)
IronCompany.png Iron Company Financial Services, Mining, Commercial Air Services, Merchant Shipping, Colonial Ventures Blackstone n/a n/a
100px Kern Industries Aviation, Land Vehicles, Ships, Security, Corporate Services (Imports and Investments) IRS Lichbrook Musica
. Lamifo Corporation n/a - in administration IRS . .
. Leng Cabbage Company trade with Leng IRS Elwynn Eliria
. Oranjesion Private Equity Capital Trade in goods, commodities and services; Investment Management and Venture Capital on the Benacian Continent and within the Imperial Republic Constancia Shirekeep
. Pleroma Solutions holding company wholly owned by House Octavius IRS . Kezan
100px Red Bear LLC Land Vehicles, Engines and Turbines, Weapons and Munitions IRS Mishalan n/a
100px Ryker Airships Chartered Services, Commercial Air Services, Air Ship / Gravship Manufacturing and Maintenance IRS Goldshire Suthergold
. SHIPTT Trade, transporation and post HoennShirekeep Shirekeep (HQ)
. TalCorp corporate governance IRS Protectorate Talenore
. Voltruvian Motors GmbH Automobiles IRS CPS Voltrue