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Economy of Sanama

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Economy of the Democratic Federation of Sanama
Currency: Sanaman rilha (R$)

  • Food
    • Fish
    • Livestock
    • Swine
    • Camels
    • Rice
    • Drink
      • Beer
      • Wine
  • Energy
    • Electricity
    • Nuclear technology
  • Maritime industry
  • Automotive
  • Other
    • Transportation
      • Rail
      • Air
    • Sport
      • Football
      • Ice Hockey
      • Pati Yala
    • Military
    • Education
    • Mining
      • Silver
      • Natural Gas
      • Coal
      • Oil
      • Limestone
    • Construction
    • Misc.
Major Industry (% of GDP): Oil (TBC %)
Largest Company (Value): SanOil (TBC $)
Labour Force (% of Total Population): 49,750,000 (58.5 %)
Labour Force by Sector:
  • Military and Defense: TBC (TBC %)
  • Food (% of All Employed): TBC (TBC%)
  • Industry
  • Energy: TBC (TBC %)
  • Services
  • Other: TBC (TBC %)
Unemployed (% of Total Population): TBC (TBC %)

Budget: TBC
Budget Surplus or Deficit: TBC
Inflation Rate:

Exports: Oil, petroleum products, plastics, silver, fish, processed fish products, beer, wine, automobiles, ships, small arms, military aircraft, electronics
Export Partners: Natopia Natopia
Tellia Tellia
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates
Shireroth Shireroth
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan
Elwynn Elwynn
Imports: TBD
Import Partners: Natopia Natopia
Tellia Tellia
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates
Shireroth Shireroth
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan
Elwynn Elwynn
Ransenar Ransenar
Reserves of Foreign Currency:

The economy of Sanama is dominated by private corporations and a few large state owned companies. Strong protections for workers remain from the First Republic. The economy is dominated by the oil industry, maritime industry, automobile production, weapons production and electronics.



Sanama adopted the Natopian natopo shortly after independence due to the collapse of the Shirerithian Erb. This helped stabilise the economy during the early years. However, since Sanama cannot conduct its own monetary policy, the federal government began planning to adopt a new national currency. In 1680 the Natopian natopo was replaced by the Sanaman rilha as the official currency of Sanama.

List of Notable Enterprises

For national security reasons, all strategic industries are under federal authority and management. This includes military vessels and weapons as well as oil and natural gas.

Name Seat Industry Form Majority owner Employees Turnover
Sanama State Maritime Industries Port Niyi Maritime systems and vessels Public enterprise Federal government TBD TBD
Sanama Arms Industries Soli Military weapons and vehicles Public enterprise Federal government TBD TBD
Simines Sanestira Electronics Private enterprise Kisho Tomisha TBD TBD
Woolridge Shipping Company Susston Bulk cargo and oil shipping Private enterprise James Woolridge TBD TBD
Fabbrica Automobili Cisamarrese Acquecalde Acquecalde Automobiles and trucks Private enterprise with state ownership Vinfetto Holdings TBD TBD
Kisara Cars North Nee City Automobiles Private enterprise Vinfetto Holdings TBD TBD
Kerularios & Company Acquecalde Shipping, financial services Private enterprise Maximinus Kerularios TBD TBD
Vinfetto Holdings Porto Napole Holding company Private enterprise Vinfetto family TBD TBD
SanOil Niyi Oil production, petroleum products Public enterprise Federal government 72,000 R$154 billion (1681)
Sadri Industries Sanama Fatehpur Sikri Industrial ventures, Talenore-registered Private enterprise Sadri family, Talenore TBD TBD
Brightworks Brightown Aircraft manufacturing Public enterprise Federal government TBD TBD
Apishe Group Pakor City Holding company Private conglomerate Caprici family TBD TBD
Omega Airlines Fatehpur Sikri Airline Private enterprise Apishe Group TBD TBD
Casino della Baia Acquecalde Casino Private enterprise Apishe Group TBD TBD
Sanaman Federal Railways Sanama City Railway transport Public enterprise Federal government TBD TBD
Siccre Maritime Industries West Fatehpur Sikri Maritime systems and vessels Private subsidiary Apishe Group TBD TBD
Tanisha Foods Sëwulat Food processing Private company Tanisha family TBD TBD
Popa Cola Company Pakuwi Soft drinks Private company Stock owners TBD TBD
Jollichick Kawite City Fast-food restaurants Private company Stock owners TBD TBD
Vaffanculo's Fanculevita Fast-food restaurants Private company Andrea Vaffanculo TBD TBD
Sicureta Corporation Brigham Private security services Private company Shareholders TBD TBD
Niyi Engine and Truck Company Niyi Light, medium and heavy duty trucks, engines Private company Shareholders TBD TBD
Kalhana Construction Company Niyi Construction and development Private company Piter Kalhana TBD TBD
Pangka Intusteriya Niyili Niyi Bank Private company Shareholders TBD TBD


Crude oil

  • Total production: 4.3 million bpd
  • Domestic consumption: 2.6 million bpd
  • Imports: 0.3 million bpd
  • Exports: 1.9 million bpd
  • Domestic refinement: 0.1 million bpd
Country Barrels per day
Natopia Natopia 450,000
Shireroth Shireroth 400,000
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 450,000
Elwynn Elwynn 300,000
Tellia Tellia 75,000
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan 45,000
Others 180,000
Total 2,000,000