Economy of Natopia

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Economy of the Bovic Empire
of the Natopian Nation
Natopo symbol.png
Currency: Natopian natopo (₦)
GDP:  ??
GDP by Sector:
  • Services (?%)
  • Manufacturing (?%)
  • Construction (?%)
  • Agriculture (?%)
  • Other (?%)
Unemployment Rate:  ?% (1669)


Agriculture, mining, nautical and aerospace engineering, food processing

Major Industry (% of GDP): MajorIndustry (TBC %)
Largest Company (Value): LARGEST (TBC $)
Labor Force (% of Total Population): TBC (TBC %)
Fiscal Year: Anno Nortone
Budget:  ? 1669. (?% of GDP)
Budget Surplus or Deficit: +?
Inflation Rate:  ?%
Public Debt:  ? 1669. (?% of GDP)

Exports: Cotton, beef, seafood, general farming, precious gems, semi-precious gems, grain, copper, spice, silver, timber, pack animals, natural gas, tin, fruit, chromium, ivory, chemicals
Export Partners: Shireroth, Constancia, more.
Imports: marble, fur, horses, dyes, oil, gold, heavy industry, hydroelectricity
Import Partners: Shireroth, Constancia, more.
Reserves of Foreign Currency:

The economy of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation is a mixed capitalist system with certain mercantilist, socialist, and statist elements.

"Robert Davis and his Wife," Marinus van Reymerswaele. Davis, a Gotzer was an influential early financier in Natopia.

The Natopian economy counts the primary sector as very important, with mining, logging, gas, and fishing among the most important. Natopia is the largest exporter of cotton on Micras, having controlled 3 of the 5 highest producing cotton regions for nearly two centuries. Natopia is an agricultural and food production powerhouse with cotton (x3), grain (x2), farming (x2), cattle, pack animals (x2), wine, game hunting, fishing (x6), fruit, spice (x4). A major section of Natopia's manufacturing sector is chemical processing and shipbuilding, providing vessels for its military, merchant, and private customers. Mining is a critical industry, with silver (x2), semi-precious (x2), gems, chromium, tin, lead, chemicals.

Natopia is a member of the Micras Treaty Organization, and it has several well-established and favorable trading relationships with Constancia, Shireroth, and more...

Natopia is also home to the Hazelwood Stock Exchange, an old stock exchange.


"Adoration of the Bank," Grant Wood. Part of a Ministry of Information campaign to instill pride in civic institutions.

The Imperial Bank of the Natopian Nation is the central bank of Natopia. It prints and distributes currency (the Natopian natopo, ₦), collects taxes, and pays government salaries.

List of Notable Natopian Companies