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A street market in Echo, pictured in 1728 AN.

Echo (Elw: Ехkо, Ehko) is an Elwynnese bailiwick and city in the Greater Eliria region. Population (1679) 1,839,742 inhabitants, of which 36% have Elw as their native language, 15% Præta, 17% Babkhi, 13% Istvanistani, and 7% Norse. Elw and Istvanistani are the official languages of the bailiwick.

Founded by Leo Dine in 1551, the city grew from an estate called Echo Manor among some sheep farms to quickly become the centre of the Wintergleamish Sheep Cult. For decades, the Sheep Cult was centred in Echo until it slowly faded away. Still to this day, there is the Great Sheepish Temple to the ovine figure Great Sheep of Elwynn. The city motto is since its foundation "the city of reflection, of people, past, and light".

Politically, Echo has been part of East Elwynn during the separation of West and East Elwynn, and the county of Wintergleam. There is a strong Wintergleamish cultural identity among the inhabitants of Echo.

The city houses the Echo Rotunda Theatre, which is Elwynn's oldest continously running theatre. Its inaugural play was The Great Sheep goes to Yardistan.

Educationally, Echo is home to the People's Academy's Hartlepool College and the private Echo City University, known for its natural sciences programmes.

Echo borders, clockwise, the bailiwicks of Monare, Kaidere, (and across the river), Umshurill, Falkeron, Ventura, (and back on the same side of the river), Simne.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of Echo (Church of Elwynn), established in 1560.