Eastmoorland Enhancements

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Eastmoorland Enhancements
Type Private Limited Company
Industry Manufacturing & Agriculture
Founded 2007
Headquarters Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor, Nova England
Products Manufactured Goods

Eastmoorland Enhancements was established in 2007 by Daniel Brown as the premier producer of Nova English Hash and Pharmaceuticals. The firm maintained its momentum despite the disappearance of its founder the same year. However following the evacuations and the Great Disaster, the company promptly dissolved.

But on the 23rd February 2017 Theodric Barker, purchased the firm and its remaining assets during a state-run auction of rights and land titles. With the take-over now complete, Mr Barker integrated his family’s existing Hemp fields with Eastmoorland Enhancement’s remaining factory in the Lucius II Industrial Estate, Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor. Where they are undertaking the manufacture of various products from Hemp to supply both the government and private enterprise.

Current Products

  • Hemp Based Paper
  • Hemp Bio-Diesel
  • Hempcrete
  • Animal Fodder
  • Hemp Fibres (Ropes, Clothing etc..)