Elwynnese Amokolia

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Flag of Elwynnese Amokolia.
Amokolian bailiwicks of Elwynn in green (Leng and Raikoth not shown).

Elwynnese Amokolia or East Amokolia refers to the traditional Amokolian areas now in the Elwynnese Republic, constituting 37 bailiwicks of Elwynn in the traditional provinces of Automatica and Vattnaland, and parts of Mishalan. Sometimes, the term also includes Leng, which was historically a part of Amokolia but culturally different from the rest of Amokolia.

Elwynnese Amokolia has a population of 13,628,281 (in 1679), of which 45% speak North Amokolian has a native language (Automatican or Vattnalandic), 27% speak Mishalanese, 14% Elw, 6% Norse, 4% Babkhi, 1% Præta, 2% Istvanistani, and 2% other languages..