Amokolian Republic

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Amokolian Republic
Flag of Amokolia or East Amokolia
85px|Coat of Arms of Amokolia or East Amokolia|frameless
Coat of Arms
Motto: TBA
Location of Amokolia or East Amokolia
Map versions Amokolian Republic is in pink
Capital Eliria
Largest city Fieldburg, Vijayanagara, La Terre, Anun
Official language(s) Elw, Babkhi, Istvanistani, Amokolian
Official religion(s)
Demonym (East) Amokolian(s)
 - Adjective (East) Amokolian
Government Autonomous Republic
 - Adeile Antonin Vladimiroff
 - Premier Benjamin Sluyjs
 - Legislature Sænate
Establishment 1504 (as an independent country)
1684 (AN) (as an autonomous republic)
Population 14,358,890 (1681)
Currency Natopian natopo (₦)
Abbreviation AMK
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT-9
National website
National forum
National animal Goose
National food
National drink
National tree

Before 1685, the Amokolian Republic (Amokolian: Repoublique d'Amokolië; Mishalanese: Амокольская Рэспублика, Amokol'skaya Respublika; Germanian: Amokolische Republik; Elw: Энуеқавеқ Амокоолион; Enueqaveq Amokoolion) constituted the eastern parts of the historical Amokolia. In 1685, with reunification with West Amokolia, the Union of Amokolia replaced both Amokolias as an autonomous country of Elwynn.

It was an Elwynnese autonomous republic. The Amokolian Republic was sometimes known as Amokolia, East Amokolia, eastern Amokolia, and Elwynnese Amokolia to differentiate it from West Amokolia currently under Frankish sovereignty. The Inner Amokolian Border separated the two Amokolias.

The Amokolian Republic was reestablished in 1684 after much discussion. Amokolian parties had initially resisted forming an autonomous republic until such time that West Amokolia could be reunited. After the Second Amokolian War had ended and relations breaking down completely between Francia and Elwynn, reunification seemed distant, if not impossible. As such, Amokolian parties began lobbying. Finally, in 1683, the constitutional revisions were adopted and the Amokolian Republic reestablished. It considers itself a successor to the old Amokolian governments through the cession of Amokolia to Elwynn in 1574.

Politically, the Amokolian Republic is divided into 28 bailiwicks, organized into the provinces of Vattnaland, Automatica and Mishalan. It considers Oleslääd a lost Amokolian province currently under Frankish occupation.

The Amokolian government was headed by its Premier, elected by the people in direct elections. The head of state is the Adeile who also oversees the Sænate (the legislature)..