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ESB Group (Keltia)
Type Corporation
Industry Commodities & Services
Founded 13.VIII.1656 AN
Headquarters Sarensby, Normark
Products Weaponry, Labour, Outsourcing

Originally established on 8.IV.1646 to open a trading relationship with the burgeoning Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa on the continent of Keltia, the ESB Group (Keltia) was primarily concerned with securing an export market for Shirerithian military hardware and manufactures goods in return for locally sourced wheat, oatmeal, cereal, coal, silk and plunder. As the War of Lost Brothers spread to Keltia the ESB Group suspended trade in vehicles, weapons, munitions, and spares, with the Jogi Regiment, with effect for 16.I.1656, for duration of its involvement in hostilities against the Sxiro-Natopian alliance. Non-essential personnel were relocated to neutral Caputia whilst remaining stocks of community service workers were sold off at market rates.

On 06.VI.1656 AN, the company shifted its administrative headquarters to Zalae[1] in Caputia whilst opening up manufacturing operations in Elijah's Rest and becoming one of the first investors in the Trade Board of Normark on 13.VIII.1656.

In Caputia the listed services and activities of the ESB Group include Commodity Services, Logistic Services, Outsourcing Services, Financial Services, Security, and Colonial Ventures.

As of the date of registration with Caputian authorities, the ESB Group (Keltia) remains a wholly owned subsidiary of its Shirerithian parent, the ESB-Jörmungandr Group and the management of the firm is vested in Royston Merrick the Younger, in accordance with memorandum of association for the parent company.

Following the collapse of the Caputian state senior ESB personnel, along with salvageable capital assets, were evacuated, during the night of 13.II.1669, to a new domicile in the Normarker city of Sarensby, with representative offices established at Riddersborg and Elijah's Rest, with liaison offices in Nivardom and Aqaba, in the Imperial State of Constancia [1]. Mid-tier management, junior employees, and contractors, particularly those associated with ESB Parap, the Haifa Trading Group, and Superabundance Foods Inc were however left conspicuously vulnerable to reprisals by the abandoned local population and the vengeful Bassarid forces spearheading an invasion of Haifa who made those suspected of past involvement with the ESB Group the subject of arbitrary detention.


  • ESB Human Resources
  • Road Hauliers Transport Association
  • Haifa Trading Group
  • Policy Advocacy Group (PAG)
  • Superabundance Foods Inc
  • ESB (Keltia) Security Division
  • ESB Parap


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