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ESB Financial Services of Raspur

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Ethically Sustainable Bonds & Financial Services of Raspur (ESB Financial Services of Raspur), is an ESB Group subsidiary established in Raspur for the purpose of issuing and trading in select financial instruments targeted at ethically minded international investors.

The company also provides a brokerage service in Raspur. The brokerage arm continued in operation following the incorporation of the Khanate into the Keshvar-e Shâhanshâhi-ye Kostantiniyye.

Brokerage listings

Company Logo Company Name Area of Economic Activity Region Share Price Shares Offered (% Remaining)
- Gainshare Capital Holdings - Raspur City - -
- Havâpeymâye Shahrokh - Suren Ostan - -
- Pahlavye Oil Company - Zjandar Ostan - -
- Raspur National Airport Company - Raspur City - -
- Vineyards of Mitra - Mitra and Varaz Ostans - -