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One Company to Rule Them All

ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc.

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ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc.
Type Holding company
Industry Various
Founder(s) Sarah Dravot, et. al.
Key people Sarah Dravot
(Chairman and CEO)
Subsidiaries ESB-Jörmungandr Group
Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia
ESB Group (Keltia)
ESB Susa

ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc. (formerly known as Gainshare Capital Holdings) is a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Imperial State of Constancia, and is a global conglomerate trading in goods, commodities, and services. Corporate history from 1.V.1668 is documented here.


Originally known and incorporated as Gainshare Capital Holdings, a private equity firm registered and doing business in, and governed by the laws of the then-sovereign Raspur Khanate, Gainshare Capital Holdings gained global attention on its acquisition of the multimillion-erb Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin on 20.IV.1661. Its acquisition of the internationally-known conglomerate, the ESB-Jörmungandr Group of Shireroth, made it one of the largest corporations in Constancian, if not Euran, economic history.

The ESB Group has remained active in so-called emerging markets such as Alduria, Floria, and Wechua, as well as maintaining a heavy presence in the Benacian homeland of its precursors, with extensive operations in Elwynn, Ransenar, Sanama, the Sovereign Confederation, the Unified Governorates, and recently, in the newly-sovereign Kingdom of Amokolia.

History since 1689

In 1689 AN a scandal brewed as the heavy involvement of the Nationalist & Humanist Party (N&H) in the Zeed revolution in southern Eura became apparent. Sarah Dravot, in her capacity as International Chair of the N&H, received the official appellation of "Hero of the Revolution" for the support given by the party's paramilitary arm to the All-Union Revolutionary Front. An error in transcription in the official communique, hastily rectified, had attributed the contributions to the Honourable Company of which Sarah Dravot-Osman was also Chairwoman. In response to this miscommunication the Suren, threatened by the rise of an expansionist republican power to its south, announced the swift expulsion of ESB employees from the Confederacy and the introduction of new border checks along the Pan-Euran Highway. Later that same year the Honourable Company received further international attention for the part played by the ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt in the slaying of Ryan Badstuber, a former Batavian and Jingdaoese footballer during the evacuation of scientists and engineers from Baicha in the failed state of Barbary. Although an investigation by the Secretariat exonerated Frederik Anders the Younger for his part in the action, and cast doubt upon the moral character of Badstuber himself after testimony received from his widow was entered into the public record, the furore gave Calbion the pretext upon which to ban the Honourable Company from operating upon its shores.

Corporate Organization

The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors, which is the final determinant of corporate policy. Day-to-day business operations are run by an executive team.

Board of Directors

File Photograph Director's Name Designation Area of Operations Employee Number
Dravot II.png Sarah Dravot Chairwoman Micras 1652-34051
Pasternak II.png Klaus Pasternak Secretary to the Board of Directors, Deputy Director, Directorate of Security Micras 1664-22048
Zurvanudin II.png Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman Director of Security Micras
Primo II.png Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, Prince of Molivadia Director of Financial and Legal Services Micras 1662-273075
Daniyal al-Osman.png Daniyal al-Osman Director of Apollonian Operations Apollonia
Esmeralda II.png Esmeralda al-Osman Director of Euran Operations Eura 1652-34051
Kerularios II.png Maximinus Kerularios Director of Keltian Operations Keltia
Humphrey II.png Michael Humphrey Director of Tapferite Operations Tapfer 1662-273072
Trexeller II.png Anton Trexeller Director of Cibolan Operations Cibola +
ESB Site Alpha, Sypyr Island, Sanaman Antarctic Territory
Jeremiah II.png Jeremiah Avon-El Director of Benacian Operations Benacia 1679-325009


Entities reporting directly to the Secretariat:

Directorate of Security

Emblem Unit Commander Assigned Directorate Headquarters Manpower
Aviation Security Echelon
Corporate & Operational Intelligence Echelon
Land Warfare & Security Echelon
ESB-Holïurs-Afzælt Emblem.png ESB-Holïurs-Afzælt Michael Humphrey ESB Group (Apollonia) Tiegang (International Mandate) 7,200
ESB-Jagdverbände Emblem.png ESB-Jagdverbände Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia) 6,957
ESB-Brunïakis-Afzælt Emblem.png ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt Frederik Anders ESB Group (Cibola) Chur (Whales) 10,196
Jaysh al-Sathrati Emblem.png Jaysh al-Sathrati Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman ESB Group (Benacia) Erudition (Sathrati) 226,253
Maritime Security Echelon
Operational Support Services Echelon
ESB-SD Force Support Group Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia) 8,640
Emergency Services Brigade Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia)
Euran Sustainment Brigade Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia)
ESB Signals Bureau Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia)
Exigency Services Business Security Directorate Modan, Molivadia, (Constancia)
Emergency Supplies Business Security Directorate Aqaba (Constancia)

Financial and Legal Directorate

Subsidiaries, attached companies, and investments

Apollonian Directorate

ESB Group (Apollonia) Incorporated, Residency Isle, International Mandate for the Settlements in Apollonia

Residencies and Subresidencies


Benacian Directorate

The ESB-Jörmungandr Group Joint Stock Company trading as 'The ESB-Jörmungandr Group', Teldrin, Upper Lunaris, Imperial Republic of Shireroth

Residencies and Subresidencies


Viviantia Benacian Continental Hotel, Modan

Cibolan Directorate

ESB Group (Cibola), The Ziggurat, Ayreon's Bay, Waffel Plains, Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation

Residencies and Subresidencies


Euran Directorate

ESB-Jörmungandr Group (Eura), Inc., Euran Sunshine Building, Radiant Sun Plaza, Aqaba, Aqabah, Imperial State of Constancia



Keltian Directorate

ESB Group (Keltia), Sarensby, Elijah's Rest, Normark

Residencies and Subresidencies

Tapferite Directorate

ESB Group (Tapfer), Trade Board of Normark Building, Endellion Place, Free and Imperial City of Lindström, Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation

Residencies and Subresidencies