One Company to Rule Them All
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ESB-Brunïakis-Afzælt (Praeta: ESB-Cuirassier-Division), a body of private contractors raised by the ESB Group on a contract from Benacia Command to support pacification operations in the Governorates of Gloomburg and Litel following their annexation by the Unified Governorates of Benacia in the year 1672. Recruited primarily from Red Lach and Mishalanski. Discharged from their contract and paid off following the Peace of Norfae in 1679.

In XIV.1679 the Cuirassier Division received a fresh commission from the Honourable Company to provide corporate security for regional operations on the continent of Cibola, a continent where two thirds of the land mass remained ungoverned and lawless following the collapse of Alexandria, where commercial opportunities opened up by the colonisation efforts of Natopia and Sanama, on the so-called Waffel Plains and Sanaman Antarctic Territory respectively had opened up new opportunities and threats.