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The EMUFA Cup is the secondary continental competition for association football clubs from nations within the EMUFA.

General structure

Qualifying round

In 2013–14, the four lowest ranked clubs entered in the first qualifying round, with the winning club joining the 15 team which automatically qualified for the group stage.

Group stage

The remaining teams qualified automatically for the group stage, with the winner from the qualifying round.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2007 Craitland Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 2–2 (a.e.t.)
5–4 (pens.)
Passas Real Regulators
2013–14 Mercury Bohemian Rhapsodies 3–0 Interland Volnost' Virtua
2014–15 Nova England AFC Heartpool 3–1 Mercury Cook Island FC
2015–16 Mercury May Wanderers 1–0 Mercury Taylor Sporting Club
2016–17 Hamland Ad & Tkir United 2–1 Mercury Mercury City
2017–18 Passas Zidado West United 3–0 Mercury Mercury City