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Official language English
Capital Fort Jericho
Largest cities Attilan
Website www.freewebs.com/durntkinstan
Forum http://www.phpbbserver.com/durntkinstan
Number of citizens 10
Date founded February 25th 2007
Government Direct Democracy
Current leader High Chancellor Joris Alexander
Currency '^' Durntkinstan Yen
National animal Snake
National fruit/food None
National drink Cherryade


CHAPTER 1; WORLDS END - In the wastes of time and ash, the machine god Voystra was at a loss, his 11th attempt at civilisation had failed again, so he had one last attempt, if this failed he would forget it and turn what was left of the world he'd created into ash wastes. Thus in the cold wastes of northern Keltia, Durntkinstan was started. To begin with Voystra nurtured Durntkinstan carefully, untill they reached the stage he felt they could manage. But not all was well, for deep with the fortress city of Jericho* (*now known as Fort Jericho), corruption spread from the very core of the city itself. The Royal Family. They were being influenced by an unknown force, a force that even Voystra could not stop. Khorne. Khorne, the god of blood, was trying to quench his ever long thirst for blood, a thirst that hundreds of thousands of battles had failed to satisfy. He almost got his wish for Voystra finally found the way to stop Khorne. Voysta challenged Khorne to a tournament. If Voystra won Khorne would have to leave, and if Khorne won, he could turn this earth into a desolate wasteland with rivers chocked with blood. And so to this end, the tournament now known as Worlds End commenced, with countless victorys to Khorne. Khorne's warriors as they came to be known, seemed to be unstoppable untill the final combat..... Voystra's last fighter, Artemis Copeland, the only one of Voystra's chosen who had gained victories in the tournament, stood up and requested a figth with Khorne himself. At first Khorne refuesd, how dare a mere mortal challenge him. But Khorne agreed when Artemis suggested that maybe Khorne was afraid of losing the tournament to as he said a mere mortal. Khorne's 'human' form was revealed to be a huge winged beast with blood red skin, with constantly bleeding cracks across the skin. Khorne appeared armed with a Whip and an Ax, initially the combat started of with Artemis being brutalised, but just as Khorne was about to close in for his final strike, he collapsed, crushing 4 of his warriors, and the reason why was revealed. Earlier on in the fight Artemis had slipped a dagger into Khorne's foot, and the blade was coated in a slow acting venom, the venom of the rarest snake in the known world, the Midas Spitting Cobra. With Khorne finally defeated , although not dead for gods cannot die, Durntkinstan was finally looking to return to normal. But the seeds of evil still lay, and with careful nurturing, they would blossom and engulf the world. Which they did, after Voystra failed to see Khorne's second bloody attempt at gaining control, ending with a fight between the two. Voystra won though narrowly, he then proceeded to place ancient barriers around Durntkinstan, which prevented Khorne entering the country for 1000 years.

CHAPTER 2; DIFFICULT TIMES - But as always, and as the citizens of Durntkinstan came to realise, there is never anything not going on in Durntkinstan and they found this out to their cost when exactly 1000 years later Khorne laid seige to Durntkinstan, for a third bloody and hopefully final attempt. After countless battle's and unberable casualty numbers, St Qwan, possesed by Voystra himself, defeated the harbinger of chaos, Archon at the battle for Cairnalex Hill (who was possesed by Khorne at that point). With Fort Jericho finally free from any further attacks and Archon's head severed from his body, Durntkinstan finally seemed to be heading out of the dark age it had been stuck in for past 65 years. And so new cities were built. Attilan was built and along with it it's famous library, Mistletoe Forest was turned into a habittable area, Otsego was strengthened should Khorne call upon the sea to help him destroy Durntkinstan again. But not all was well.....corruption, greed and hate spread through the royal familly and many members began to stab each other in the back...literally. So once again after 20 years of an uneasy peace, Durntkinstan faced civil war. The War Of The Rooster And The Snake, as it came to be known, was narrowly won by the Royal Familly's army. So again Durntkinstan entered a dark age, but an underground movement, known only as 'Creedo' began to amass a huge army, larger than the Royal Familly's. And so Durntkinstan began The Second War Of The Rooster And The Snake, with a definative victory to the Snake of 'Creedo'. And since that day foreward, the Royal Familly died and the newly created posistion of High Chancellor took the reigns of Durntkinstan, and everytime a new Chancellor is named (s)he then too takes the reigns of Durntkinstan. And it has been so for a blissfull 1000 years. But as always Khorne has been spreading his seeds of evil among Durntkinstan. But a desendant of St Qwan known only as Nemesis crushed this 4th rebellion before it got started dispatching swift plasma born justice to Khorne's supporters, for Khorne had not seen his brother Tzeetch flexing the endless possibillities his godly gift gave him. Change. Change was something Khorne had not foreseen happening, so when his leigons of demons and all other hellish spawn showed at the gates of Fort Jericho, he was destroyed in little over an hour. Some even believe it to have been half an hour as bolts of flaming justice singed through Khorne's leigons. Khorne's anger increased as soldier after soldier fell to bolts of super-heated Plasma. Finally Khorne's anger peaked and he once again gained human form, carefull this time to cover his whole body in inpeneterable armour. It finally seemed that Durntkinstan would not win, that Khorne had finally managed to best Durntkinstan. But at the presise moment that it looked that Durntkinstan would fall, time slowed, and stopped except for Khorne who stood staring around completely disturbed by the fact that he could not attack the defenders. And then the answer came to him, as Voystra lowered himself from the divinely blood stained clouds, followed by The Elders. The Elders revealed to Khorne that by placing himself on the battle field he had done what even the Elders fought impossible. Khorne had satisfied his thirst for blood. Khorne was then transported to a dungeon dimension were he saw every other deity that crossed the Elders path.

CHAPTER 3; A NEW FUED - However a new problem was coming to fruition in Durntkinstan. The cold. The freezing inhabitable temperatures which Durntkinstan had managed to survive for thousands of years were finally starting to get to it's inhabitants. In a not so rare twist of fate, Durntkinstan's crops for that year withered and died. Rivers and Lakes froze over and all life seemed to slow. Many belived it to be Voystra punishing them and took to the streets in a gruesome display of self flagelation. Many attempted to flee to the neighboring country of Hatay, but were killed by the cold and lack of food or shelter.

Eventually the High Chancellor of that time requested trading routes of Grain in return for Copper, that was mined on the mainland of Keltia, with Passas. However the Prime Minister denied the request. The Chancellor took this refusal as a deep personal insult. Wthin 5 hours of the refusal reports were flying across Passas of explosions in the city of Springfield, the explosions were discovered to be caused by 5 Durntkinstani Thunderhawk Heavy Bombers and they struck 4 grain silos destroying an estimated 2,000 tonnes of grain, it was later revealed that six corpses had been found among the twisted metal of the grain silos. The Prime Minister was deeply offended, imediately preparing his army for battle and sending a decloration of war to the High Chancellor of Durntkinstan only to find Durntkinstans army already prepared.....