Duchess of Goldshire

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The title Duchess of Goldshire (if held by a man, Duke of Goldshire), established 1451, is the second-oldest Shirerithian titled peerage, and the most senior title not to be held by a member of the Imperial Family or a former kaiser. Until 1627, the title was associated with feudal overlordship over Goldshire. In 1627, the title was renamed Grand Duchess (and became nativized in Goldshirian law, it ceased to be an imperial title then).

Currently held by Anna Nur Pinito Caprici. For previous title-holders, see Rulers of Goldshire.

In 1668, by Imperial Decree 1142, the title was restored as an imperial title of nobility, and awarded to Semisa Caprici for her services as Arbiter of the Imperial Judex. Since then succession to the title is governed by absolute primogeniture from Semisa Caprici.