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Dravotih iker (Elw: Дравотих икер; "Dravot's Inlet"), formerly Avaldsnes (in Elw, Авалнес, Avalnes), is an Elwynnese bailiwick and city in Wintergleam, in north-eastern Elwynn (SCAR). Population 800,421 (1680) inhabitants. Official languages of the bailiwick are Norse, Elw, and Istvanistani.

It was considered the unofficial capital of the Froyalaners during Elwynn's Vanic era, with much investment and development. Since the Auspicious Occasion in 1651, however, the city has lost almost all of its previous favour, and quickly reduced in population. As the population was almost exclusively Froyalanish at the time of the Auspicious Occasion, the city is full of derelict abandoned buildings. It is considered the poorest of Elwynn's larger bailiwicks.

Outside the urban areas, however, the Wintergleam Forest stretches all the way to Asantelian. The forest is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in all of Elwynn.

Other famous tourist spots in Avaldsnes are Humility Mount (originally named "Saint Harald's Castle"), a small island with a castle which was the Vanic monarchy's official residence in Avaldsnes, today housing a museum devoted to the Vanic excesses, as well as an oceanographic research institute affiliated with the People's Academy of Elwynn.

Emperor Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy of Francia and King of Batavia has repeatedly asked Elwynn to cede the city to him. These approaches were consistently rebuffed by successive governments and, in the aftermath of the Second Amokolian War, remain further from being realised than ever.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of Dravih iker (Church of Elwynn).


There have been since 1651 repeated calls for the city to change its name to make a clean cut from its Vanic history. This was achieved in VIII.1679 when the N&H-aligned Bailiff of the Bailiwick, Regina Alfsson, prevailed upon the city's Municipal Corporation to rename the city as Minas Adarzivea Enueh Qahramon Livion Dravot (Минас Адарзивеа Енуех Қахрамон Ливион Дравот; "city honouring the hero of the people, Liv Dravot") in honour of Liv Dravot, the instigator of the Auspicious Occasion. The literal meaning of the name being as follows:

Elw Istvanistani
minas city
adarzivea brings honour upon her
enueh people
qahramon hero (babkhi loanword)
livion adjectival version of Liv (a Hyperborean grammatical loan for names)

In view of the new official name being a tad unwieldy, the city is commonly referred to as Dravotih iker ("Dravot's Inlet"), in both Elw and Istvanistani after the renamed fjord by Avaldsnes to the same name.

As such, the official long-form legal name of the bailiwick is, in Istvanistani, the Worshipful Municipal Corporation of Aldermen of the Bailiwick of Minas Adarzivea Enueh Qahramon Livion Dravot, Guarantors of its Ancient Liberties.